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How to Look Your Best After 40 

Your appearance changes over time. You don’t look the same at twenty as you did at ten years old. Likewise, you won’t look twenty-five when you’re forty-five – and that’s OK! Every age is beautiful. You might have a cute glow in your younger years and a more mature, defined appearance once you pass the age of forty.  

What’s important to remember, however, is that your beauty routine needs to change as you grow older. You probably won’t want to use the same concealer you did as a teen when you’re fifty, nor will you wear the same pair of jeans. So, if you’re past forty and wondering how to look your absolute best, read on.  

Stay in Shape  

Staying in shape gets harder as you grow older, as your energy levels decrease and your metabolism slows down. It’s essential to do so, though, both for your health and the way you look. A consistent exercise routine is key here. Choose an exercise that you love, whether that’s cycling, swimming, or going to the gym, and fit it into your routine to ensure you keep up with it.  

It’s not uncommon to have areas of fat that don’t seem to disappear even with exercise. In this case, you could try Coolsculpting in Nashville. It targets a specific area of fat, freezing the area and reducing the fat cells. 

Update Your Skincare Routine  

With mature skin, your skincare needs differ from those in their twenties, so avoid taking advice from twenty-something influencers! Instead, look around for high-quality products focused on more mature skin. What you want is hydrating, moisturizing products that revitalize your skin. Don’t forget to finish your morning skincare routine with SPF, too, as sun damage is a significant contributor to aging skin.  

Dress for Your Body Shape  

Dressing right can completely change your appearance. Wearing dull, baggy clothes won’t do much for your shape. Learning your body shape and dressing for your appearance, however, will help you shine. If you have a pear shape, clothes like ruffled shirts and bootcut jeans look great. If you have an inverted triangle shape, V-neck tops and long jackets are excellent choices. Don’t forget about your skin tone, too, as certain colors look better on people than others. For example, greens and reds suit warmer skin tones, while purples and blues suit cooler skin tones.  

Wear Light but Pretty Makeup  

With mature skin, it’s better to opt for lighter makeup rather than the heavy alternative. Let your skin breathe! A BB cream, moisturizing concealer, and a stroke of mascara would work well for casual days at work. If you prefer a heavier look, look for makeup brands that focus on dryer, more mature skin types.  

Get Regular Facials  

Extra care to your skin is crucial when you are past your forties. If you want to keep a glowing appearance, regular facials are the way to go. They’re great for glowing skin, as the massage movements help increase blood flow while the products hydrate the skin. Plus, there’s the bonus of relaxing beauty treatment to look forward to each month.  

Eat a Varied Diet  

What you eat contributes to how you look. A diet full of sugar, salt, and saturated fats will give you a tired, dull appearance. A diet full of various vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats, however, will shine through in your skin. Enjoy your meal times by planning and prepping in advance, ensuring that every meal delivers the right amount of nutrients.  

Always Do Your Nails  

A small thing that makes a difference in how you look is how you do your nails. You can either get them done regularly or keep on top of them at home with a nail file and a pleasant nail color. It’s a great way to feel and look pretty, and it doesn’t take too much effort depending on your nail preferences.  

Look After Your Locks  

Hair can get a little dry, especially as you grow older, so put in the effort to look after your locks. As well as going to the salon, get some home-conditioning treatments to keep your hair silky soft. A moisturizing hair mask works – as does hair oil. Remember to massage your scalp while shampooing, too, to stimulate healthy growth.  

Get Plenty of Rest  

It’s incredible just how much of a difference getting a good night of rest affects the way you look. When you have consistently good sleep, your eyes are brighter, your dark circles lighten, and you have an overall healthier glow. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and make sure those hours are dedicated purely to sleeping – no phones or other screens allowed!  

With the right habits, you can nail that beautifully mature appearance at forty and beyond. 

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