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Pool Care 101: 5 Signs That Your Filter Cartridge Needs Replacement

Don’t you love jumping into the cool bluish water of the pool to wind up, relax and hang out with friends and family? That is right, you hired a reputable company to build your pool and now you want to keep it spotless at all times so that you can enjoy it anytime that you want.

It is critical to keep your filter cartridge in good condition. In addition, it is necessary to know when to change to keep your swimming pool sanitary and in good shape throughout the year. Anyhow, cleaning and replacing your filter is necessary because it keeps your pool free of harmful impurities and dirt accumulation. 

Without a fully functional filter system, your swimming pool can get really dirty. Therefore, keep your filter in good condition and be aware of the signs that your pool’s filter needs replacing. Here are some indications to guide you that it is high time to buy a new filter cartridge.  

High-Pressure Reading 

A high PSI or , or the inches of the water column in your pool, can also indicate that the pool cartridge filters need replacement. Moreover, a high PSI can indicate that your filter tank has difficulty processing debris and that your cartridge is beginning to wear out. 

A dirty cartridge is also one of the causes of a high PSI reading, and usually, with a quick hosing off, this can stabilize your pool’s pressure reading. However, if a quick disinfecting does not resolve the problem, try a deep clean that includes an overnight soak in a cleaning agent.  

The cartridges are made of polyester. When oversaturated, it restricts water flow and leaves no choice but to stop cleaning. Furthermore, the fabric becomes so clogged with dirt particles that a washing or chemical soak will not help clean it. 

Smashed Cartridge 

A direct indication that it is time to replace the pool’s filter is a smashed filter cartridge. It happens when your cartridge’s inner core crumbles. The cartridge retains its form and holds the entire filter to support your filter system if it is perfectly functioning. If the core gets broken, the filter’s cylinder shape gets deformed. 

This issue arises due to wrong cartridge size, low-quality reinstallation, or an unclean cartridge that cannot filter the pool water anymore, affecting the pressure of the filter system to wreck the cartridge. 

In case your cartridge is crushed, it is necessary to remove it and purchase a new one. To prevent a repeated occurence, be particular to purchase the appropriate dimensions cartridge for your swimming pool. An unmatching size will most probably collapse again. 

Cracked Cap Closures 

Your cartridges’ plastic end caps compress the fabric material into a rigid, compact form. The caps on the pool cylinder filters are essential parts that connect the cartridge on both ends. End caps are heavy-duty plastic, but they can become brittle when exposed to harsh water chemistry.  

If an end cap starts to disintegrate, it is best to replace the cartridge as soon as possible. Ignoring the cartridge with a broken end cap can cause damage to your filter if a  piece of the broken plastic parts may circulate through the pool’s filter system. 

Ripped Fabric  

In the long run, a significant amount of dirt particles blocking the fabric threads, which affects the pool’s pressure, and chlorine substance will all cause wear and tear on your filter fabric, which can lead to a torn or shredded fabric. 

Although some tears are visible due to punctured holes or fabric crumbs protruding from the filter, others are not. Small tears in the fabric can cause uneven texture and even make the polyester filter appear woolly. If you notice torn or ragged fabric, it’s time to replace the cartridge. 

Prevent Ripping the Filter While Cleaning 

On cartridges, do not use high-pressure water sprays. The filter’s material is relatively thin, often made of polyester fabric. The pressure water spray’s force can destroy filter cartridges by tearing off the mesh of the fabric material. 

Flattened Folds of Polyester   

In general, your filter’s pleats should look like folded pieces of paper. If this isn’t the case, your filter’s pleats may have flattened. Because the folds are often symmetrical, it is easy to identify the distorted portion of a  filter caused by clogging. 

Replacing your filter system when the fabric folds become flat is recommended. Seeing as a filter with flattened pleats will not collect debris in your swimming pool anymore. However, a broken band can cause premature flattening of the polyester folds, so inspect your filter’s band as well.  


Hopefully, this guide can help you spot the signs of a deteriorating cartridge filter in your swimming pool. So, take the precaution of early filter change. Doing so can maximize the filter’s lifespan. Nonetheless,  if the time comes that your filter stops efficiently working, replace them immediately. Do not hesitate to change it to avoid damage to your pool.  

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