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How to Pick Out the Perfect Sofa

Sofas are probably the most significant pieces of furniture in a living room- it wouldn’t really be a living room with nowhere to sit! This makes buying a sofa a lot more complex than just popping down to the shops and buying some new cutlery or plants. 

Everyone would like their sofas to be perfect, and a good sofa can make or break a living room. Sofas also tend to stay in the same place for years and years, so you want to make sure the sofa caters to your needs. 

Buying a new sofa will often take lots of planning and also budgeting. A good sofa can be pretty expensive, so you need to be prepared for this cost. Sofa searches will probably be pretty long as you’ll want to find something you love and is also in your budget. 

To help you out on your search, here are a few tips on how to pick out a sofa that is perfect for you. 

Identifying your needs 

You should know your house and your living room better than anyone else, and this means you should know the space you can play with and what size sofa will work in your living room. 

You could even take precise measurements or a floor plan of your living room to make everything a tiny bit easier. If you bring these measurements with you when you look at sofas, you can quickly check if your new sofa will fit in your room or not. 

Make sure you know how much seating space you need in your house. If you’ve got quite a large family or have guests around regularly, you’ll likely need a lot of seating space so everyone can sit down together comfortably. 

One good tip is to write up a list of the problems with your current seating arrangement. This means that you can look for a sofa that fixes all of your current issues and makes your life a whole lot easier. 

Varying your search 

There are many different options when it comes to buying sofas. There are multiple different types and sizes of sofas that fit different living rooms. 

Make sure that you look at all your options available before buying. Maybe try something new and surprise yourself with a sofa style that you previously wouldn’t have considered. 

For example, if you have a living room with lots of empty space- especially around corners- a sectional sofa could work well for you. L-shapes sofas fill in corners brilliantly and also provide different styles of seating space. 

Get comfy at the store 

If you buy your sofa and discover it’s not very comfortable, you’re probably never going to enjoy it, no matter how nice it looks! 

This is why you should try the sofa at the store. Sit down or lie down at different angles to ensure that the sofa is actually lovely to sit on. Different people may cater to different styles of sofas, so no one style works for everybody. 

Consider Clad Homes sofas 

If you’re on the hunt for some sofas, Clad Homes can support all your needs. You’ll find a range of comfortable and beautiful sofas that can work in any living room. 

You’ll also find a good range of sizes and designs, so there’s a sofa for everybody. With well-built and supported frames, your sofa will not be breaking any time soon! 

For more information about Clad Homes sofas, please contact us. 

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