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Gift The Foodie In Your Life With Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Spices, Dips & More From Pandemic Polly Peppers

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that my favorite room in the home is my kitchen and that is because I love to cook and create delicious meals and recipes for my family. My favorite kinds of gifts… are foodies gifts and gift baskets, as I love trying new products that help me to add that extra special kick of flavor or heat… to my many recipes and which is the reason I fell in love with the delicious products from Pandemic Polly Peppers. You may remember a post I did sharing a recipe for Spicy Baked Crack Chicken Breasts earlier this year and that delicious recipe was made possible with Pandemic Polly Peppers Spicy Buttermilk Ranch Dip Mix. That recipe is everything and I love the added kick of heat to the recipe that the Spicy Buttermilk Ranch Dip Mix provides…and even my kids loved it as it was not too hot but actually just the right amount of heat to make it extra yummy.

Pandemic Polly Peppers started due to the pandemic that hit this year and after the pandemic hit, the wife and husband duo started thinking of ways to make extra income to earn a living.  They had been growing peppers strictly for fun for about 5 years. One loves gardening and the other loves to cook and make products so hence…. Pandemic Polly Peppers was born. They literally grow the peppers on their small farm in Colorado and I have to tell you that everything they make with these peppers that I have tried so far is amazingly delicious and now they even have some delicious BBQ sauces and hot sauces to add to their product mix. They have even created some fabulous gift sets of these new products that you can have shipped directly to your gift recipient and if they are a foodie like I am….they are gonna love it!

Pandemic Polly Peppers has created two wonderful Gift Sets for the Holiday Season. They have Holiday Gift Box & a Hot Sauce Gift Pack. Let’s take a look at each gift set and what comes in each and I have to say…..they not only look amazing but they are priced beautifully!

Pandemic Polly Peppers Holiday Gift Box


The Holiday Gift Box is a beautiful gift and one that I would go nuts over. The set includes 3 dips (Pandemic Polly Peppers Choosing) & 3 hot sauces. You will receive 1 bottle of Pale Horse Ale Chipotle Hot Sauce, 1 bottle of Harvest Moon Red Habanero Hot Sauce and 1 bottle of their Ghostly Garlic Fiery Hot Sauce. Each bottle of hot sauce is 5 ounces and each dip packet makes approximately 16 ounces of dip. All items will be packaged in a round, Holiday box with a lid and all bottles of hot sauce will be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure they are safe in shipping.

The 3 hot sauces included in this gift set are pictured below….

Pale Horse Ale Chipotle Hot Sauce

The Pale Horse Ale Chipotle Hot Sauce is Pandemic Polly Peppers mildest hot sauce. This sauce is a mild chipotle with pale ale in the background flavor and the heat level is perfect for nearly every person. This is a delicious hot sauce for wings and more!

Harvest Moon Red Habanero Hot Sauce

The Harvest Moon Habanero Hot Sauce is one of Pandemic Polly Peppers newest hot sauces. This sauce is a tangy/spicy red habanero with amazing flavor and a heat level perfect for the average person.. like myself. This one is hotter than the Pale Ale Chipotle Hot Sauce but kind of in the middle on the heat scale…meaning there is hotter to be had. 

Ghostly Garlic Fiery Hot Sauce

This too is a new hot sauce for Pandemic Polly Peppers and it is a tangy/spicy blend of ghost pepper and red habanero peppers that will sizzle on your tongue. The Ghostly Garlic Fiery Hot Sauce is a heat level not for the average person as it is a lot hotter than most which mean this is perfect for my brother as he loves heat. All of these delicious hot sauces make fabulous stocking stuffers too!

As far as the dip mixes are concerned…. Pandemic Poly Peppers will choose them for you. They have several delicious dips to choose from such as….Smoky Onion Dip Mix with Ghost Pepper, Buttermilk Ranch Dip with Ghost Pepper, Garlic Pepper Parmesan Dip with Ghost Pepper, Beer Cheese Dip Mix with Scorpion Pepper and Cilantro Lime Guacamole Mix with Scorpion Pepper. I can attest to the fact that these are all delicious and they will all be the perfect addition to the wonderful gift box.

Hot Sauce Gift Pack

The Pandemic Polly Peppers Hot Sauce Gift Pack includes 3 delicious hot sauces…. the same listed above on the Holiday Gift Box. You will get 1 bottle of Pale Horse Ale Chipotle, 1 of Harvest Moon Red Habanero and 1 of our Ghostly Garlic Hot Sauce and each bottle is 5 ounces.

Now do not forget that Pandemic Polly Peppers has even more in their delicious foodie arsenal so makes sure to check them out online as you can order whatever you like and create your own amazing gift set for that special foodie on your gift giving list. Check Pandemic Polly Peppers out today online and via social media and by doing so you will be promoting and supporting small businesses which is so important! Oh… and make sure to check out my original review for them to see the delicious recipe I made using their wonderful mixes!


Deliciously savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 1000% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


  • Michelle N

    My husband loves ghost peppers so the ghostly garlic fiery hot sauce sounds like it is right up his alley. This sounds like a good stocking stuffer.

  • wen budro

    These look like unique and delicious products. I love the variety of products that they offer. I have some hot sauce lovers- in my family- so these would make great gifts too.

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