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5 Reasons to Start Recovering Your Abandoned Carts

If you find that people are leaving your site without making a purchase, it may be because they’re leaving their carts behind. Oftentimes, people will fill up their cart with the things that they want and then change their minds at the last second. Setting up a service that allows your customers to recover the carts they left behind is a great way to make more sales, and remind your customers of what they thought about purchasing.

There are many reasons people may abandon carts. It may be because they don’t have the money at that exact time. Following up with them will remind them of their almost purchase, and if the circumstances are different they may be able to make said purchase upon follow up. 

1. It Takes Up No Time

When you set up liverecover abandoned cart services, you’ll get to sit back and relax knowing that all the hard work is done. Really! After setup, there’s nothing else you’ll need to do to make sure customers recover the carts they abandoned on your website. LiveRecover will take care of everything after setup, allowing you to continue doing what you do best, running your business. 

2. It’s Easy to Setup 

Setting up cart recovery is incredibly easy. When you use LiveRecover you can count on easy setup that takes only one click to complete. With other cart recovery options, you have to set up email templates and send out times and work with a bunch of different variables inside your eCommerce platform. With LiveRecover you don’t have to do any of that. 

3. You’ll Make More Money

By reminding customers about their abandoned carts, you’ll make more money. All abandoned carts are sales that you missed out on for one reason or another. If a customer can’t remember that they put together a cart on your website, they’ll never return to complete the check-out process. 

With LiveRecover, your customers will be reminded of the carts they made, persuading them into making the purchase. LiveRecover isn’t just a service that sends out emails, they’re real people. When a customer talks to a real person about their abandoned cart, they’re much more likely to go back and complete the purchase, increasing your sales. 

4. Great Customer Service

We know how important customer service is in the world of eCommerce, which is why we’re happy to add that LiveRecover’s customer service is absolutely top-notch. As we said, LiveRecover doesn’t just send out emails, they have real, human conversations with your customers. They answer customer questions in real-time and make sure that your customers have all the information that they need to recover their cart. 

Their customer service is also great when it comes to working with eCommerce businesses. They’ll listen to what you want for your business and make sure that you get it. They aren’t some cookie-cutter brand that does the same exact thing for each of their clients, no. They actually mold their business model to each individual enterprise, offering different tiered packages for different types of companies. 

5. Unique Discount Codes for Your Customers

These days, coupon sharing is a huge problem. If you put a coupon code out there, it’s likely that it will end up on Honey or another type of coupon-sharing platform. With LiveRecover you’ll get custom one-use coupon codes for your customers to use in order to recover their carts. This will prevent the loss of sales related to your coupon while still allowing customers to save. 

When using LiveRecover, you’ll get back sales that you would have missed out on, allowing your business to grow. With a 30 day free trial, there’s no risk in checking them out. 

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