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Get the review for Pizza – New York Style and Chicago Style

Get the review for Pizza – New York Style and Chicago Style

Are you a pizza fan?? Such a stupid question to ask, right…???

If pizza lovers were to be asked such a stupid question, then they would likely get annoyed. But if they are asked to describe the taste and ingredients of their favorite pizza, then they will go into a full on tale of their favorites for sure. Some of them will enjoy lip-smacking crusts, some will love to enjoy the delicious gooey cheese, and some would go for the various tasty toppings.

There are so many varieties of pizza, but the types which will make you lick your lips in anticipation are the New York Style Pizzas and Chicago Style Pizzas. These two types of pizza are extremely varied and they also have a loyal fan base for sure.

Differentiating Factor!!

The first differentiating factor that differs in both the Pizzas is the crust. The Chicago Style Pizza has the crust whose thickness is up to four inches. The deep dish crust which is present in the Chicago Style Pizza consists of plenty of toppings. Additionally, the crumbly crust of that of the Chicago Style Pizza makes it even more luscious.

On the other hand, New York Style Pizza has a very thin and crispy center portion. It has a chewy edge that will get your lips smacking again and again. New York Style Pizza is traditionally folded in half when eaten and this makes it so very easy to enjoy each and every bite.

This makes the New York Style Pizza the ideal choice for people who live a hectic lifestyle. Examples of such people include daily commuters, taxi drivers, and many more. This is because the New York Style Pizza is amazingly thin and foldable.

On the contrary, you can not do the same with the Chicago Style Pizzas. This is because they cannot be folded. The reason lies in the fact that the Chicago Style Pizzas are very thick as compared to the New York ones. Also, the Chicago Pizza is to be devoured slowly and can be enjoyed comfortably with the help of a fork and a knife.

Health Conscious..?? Read On!!

The people who are watching their fat intake and controlling their carbohydrate consumption should stay away from the oil content of the New York Pizza. When you would arrive at the restaurant, you will notice a pool of oil on the surface of the pizza. This is in total contrast to the Chicago Style Pizza.

Pizzas for Foodies..!!

There are many foodies who have already set their eyes on these cheesy pies. They would most probably go for the New York Pizza or to be precise, Stringy Mozzarella Pizza. On the other hand, the Pizza from Chicago, i.e., Chicago Style Pizza has the balance of the crust and toppings with the cheese.

The New York Style Pizza can be easily sliced due to its thin crust. It can also be cut into triangles or any other grid-like squares. On the opposite side, the thickness of Chicago Pizza’s crust is too large to cut. You also must know the standard size of slicing as well as these are deliciously thick pizzas and a little goes a long way.

The individuals who love serious amounts of toppings on their pizza should go for Chicago Pizza with the thickness of 4”. The New York Pizza mainly focuses on a delicious sauce and cheese and occasionally some scattered toppings.

Concluding Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that pizza is one of the most convenient and loved delicacies to come from Italy.  However, new recipes and creations in the pizzas make it even more tasty, delicious and fun for sure. Taste the many styles of pizza for yourself and tell me what your true favorite is.

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  • Maryann D.

    I do enjoy any type of pizza. I live in NY and get wonderful pizza all the time. I want to try The Chicago Style Pizza too.

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