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Fun Tips You Can Use to Manage Your Weight 

In addition to aiding with feeling good and looking better, achieving a healthy body weight is great for your overall well-being and health. Being obese or overweight can enhance your risk of getting health conditions like certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. The trick to success is setting new goals ad keeping to them. Use these eight tips to help you achieve your weight goal and keep those additional kilos off. 

Consider having a lifestyle adjustment 

Life-long weight loss is not something a “quick-fix” diet can solve. Rather see weight loss as a commitment to your health for the rest of your life. Exercising often and making smarter eating decisions are habits that need to become a way of living in the long term to be able to achieve and maintain weight loss.  

Set attainable and realistic goals 

Attempting to change your exercise and eating habits overnight can have an adverse effect. Start by setting a single and realistic goal like walking for 15 minutes before breakfast or packing a healthy lunch pack to bring to work rather than eating out. Once the first goal is perfected, go and set another. You can even use the gki calculator to help monitor your progress.  

Portions matter 

Over time portions sizes have increased, this means you could be eating more than you think. To decipher how large your portions are, measure a fixed amount of drink or food to know what 1/2 cup, 1 cup, or 1 ounce looks like.  

Make better decisions 

Choose to eat more vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and lean protein foods. For instance, go for steamed vegetables or fruits on the side rather than chips or fries.  

Add more fiber to your diet 

Naturally, fiber will help to fill you up a lot quicker. This can prevent you from feeling hungry and make you eat a lot less. To increase your intake of fiber eat lots of vegetables and fruits and select more whole-grain products like wholewheat bread rather than white or brown rice rather than white.  

Exercise more 

The level of physical activity you need to manage your body weight depends on the measure of calories you ingest and depends from person to person. To help with this part of weight management begin with the equivalent of 150 minutes of medium to intense aerobic activity every week. Doing this weekly should be done often to increase your chances of achieving your weight-loss objectives.  

Minimize screen time 

The people who spend most of their time watching television and being sedentary are more likely to become obese or overweight. Establish a goal to cut the time you spend watching TV, rather use the excess time to take a walk on a treadmill, you can do this as you watch your most loved show and try as much as possible to avoid eating as you watch your favorite show.  

Cook at home most of the time 

When you do most of your cooking in-house rather than eating out at restaurants, you will be able to make better food decisions about the content and amount of food you consume and drink. A healthy meal begins with eating more fruits and vegetables and having smaller portions of grains, dairy, and proteins. Consider just how you will change your portion sizes on your plate so that you can get more of the nutrients your body needs without gaining additional calories.  

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