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Savvy Fencing Tips for the Modern Age 

As we become more involved in each other’s lives online and share many intimate moments, memories, or events on our social media, there are still some aspects of our lives that require privacy and a bit of intimacy. Whether you enjoy binge-watching a drama series or spending time in your garden, having some privacy at home is important. 

One way to ensure that privacy is through your fencing. However, the old picket fence is no longer your only option. Modern, bespoke, DIY are just some of the options you have when thinking about a new or renovated fence. Here are a few tips to ensure a good-looking, modern, and sustainable fence that goes beyond just keeping you secure but is also going to make you the envy of the neighborhood. 

Sustainable fencing 

While many of us are adapting our lives and home for smart and eco-friendly living, the same should apply to any new fence you install. You need to think about not only what type of material you want to use but how far it will travel to get to you and whether it will be biodegradable when it is no longer needed. You may want to think about options like bamboo or other responsibly sourced woods.  

Any reputable store or depot where you get your fencing supplies will be able to offer you professional advice and support in this respect. You can also hire a reliable company like Illinois Fence Company for your sustainable and high-quality fence installation project.


Beyond privacy, any fence should also offer some security and a sense of safekeeping within your own space. Too often these days we may rely on technology and a digital safeguard but having a physical barrier between yourself and the outside world is sometimes just what you need. Again, this does not need to be something unsightly but can look modern and attractive while still maintaining a strong sense of security. Wrought iron palisades, long-lasting aluminum, or recycled timber – all of these can be sturdy and strong, yet easy on the eye if well designed and maintained. 


For many, the fence is more than just a fence and can be a pleasing aesthetic or artistic addition to the garden. Whether you include built-in planters or use the fence to hang plants and insect hotels, the options are vast. What it allows you to do is to think of your outside space and the fence as something that can be used creatively. We often think of plants as only growing horizontally on the ground, but why not use vertical spaces like fences to not only increase green spaces but also make them more attractive? 

You can think about other ways to use the fence, such as for hanging your barbeque utensils or other outdoor kitchen utensils. Fences should not only be practical but can also play a role in making your garden and outdoor spaces more creative and vibrant with color. This can be achieved by painting your fence, using materials creatively, and using light to decorate and accentuate your fence. 

Regardless of the style, purpose, or look of your fence, it is important for it to be durable, well built, and offer both practical and aesthetic value to your outdoor space and home. Keep in mind that a fence is primarily used to keep something in or to keep someone out of the yard. However, it should also look good and be easily maintained. 

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