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Fun Facts to Learn About Siamese Cats Before You Get Them Home

Are you fond of cats, and do you plan to get one home someday? Cats have highly misunderstood creatures because they might not come across as friendly and affectionate like dogs and other animals. However, if you know how to train them and love them unconditionally, you won’t regret your decision. The cat family is pretty vast, and you’ll find a wide variety of them. Siamese is a famous cat breed that is commonly found in North America.  

People often question, are Siamese cats mean? Well, so far, not many siamese owners have shared their bad experiences online about the breed. It is always best that you learn about a particular cat breed before you bring them home. Suppose you’ve been wondering how it is like to have a Siamese cat home; you are at the right place to learn five surprising facts about these adorable cats.  

1) They are a rare breed 

Siamese cats have their origin in Thailand (known as Siam in the 14th century). They have survived for many centuries, and still, people are very fond of them. Siamese. There is a massive history about how the first Siamese cat arrived in America. They are known to be the royal cats who have a rich history. Currently, you can say that they are a rare breed of cats that only a few can afford to have.  

2) They are social and affectionate 

Whoever has doubts and questions, like “are Siamese cats mean?” needs to know that these adorable creatures are social butterflies. They like to meet new people and get along pretty well. If you feel empty in your life and experience a lack of affection, you will find a perfect fellow companion in a Siamese cat. They are affectionate towards their owners and quickly get along with children, strangers, and other cats.  

3) They are chatty, curious, and smart 

Most acts do not interact much. They like to keep themselves reserved for occasional conversations. However, the Siamese is not one of the cat breeds that hesitate to communicate. They come across as cold-hearted cats, but interestingly they are vocal, communicative, curious, and brilliant cats. You will often find them seeking your attention and meowing to communicate with you. Also, they are incredibly trainable cats. You can train them to do whatever you want. Their curiosity is next level, so you find them in the weirdest places to discover what’s in there.  

4) Siamese find it challenging to see clearly in the dark 

The cat family is known to have accurate vision during any time of the day. However, Siamese are a bit different from their fellow felonies. They do find it a bit challenging to see through clearly in the dark. The species have a layer of tissue in their eye that allows light to reflect through their retina and is called tapetum lucidum.  

5) They do get affected by the temperature 

The Siamese are born white. But as they get older and exposed to different temperatures, the signature marking and pigmentation start to show. Yes, the breed of cats does get affected by the temperature change.  

Before signing up for the beautiful adventure, any Siamese pet parent must know a few interesting facts. Apart from these facts, you will discover a lot about your cat every single day. Every cat has different traits and behaviours. So, do not compare your cat with another, and you’ll have the easiest way to deal with them.  

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  • Lauryn R

    Siamese cats are so beautiful and amazing creatures! We have a Siamese mix that we absolutely adore, she is the best cat I have ever had! Not only is she super brave (her tail is always straight up) but incredibly tolerant of our 3 children. She enjoys being around the whole family and isn’t afraid to meet strangers, or even travel with us on road trips! She also plays fetch. We plan on getting a full bred one someday.