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Fulvic Acid May Offer Several Health Benefits: Check them in this article

Many of those wellness websites, social media, and health stores have turned their attention to fulvic acid. It is a health product that people take for several health benefits. Fulvic acid is a natural substance, very popular by the way, that includes brain health benefits. In this article, you will find many tips about what fulvic acid is, how to consume it, and what health benefits has.

So, what is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is known as a humic substance, naturally occurring in soils, marine sediments, compost, and sewage. Shilajit it is a substance secreted by the rocks in mountains around the world, and high in fulvic acid. Fulvic acid contains minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for the human body. This supplement is typically produced inn forms of capsules and liquid, and combined with magnesium and other minerals, but also amino acids. Just 1 capsule can be added to your daily beverage.  

Researchers show that fulvic acid has many potential benefits, including: 

Reducing inflammation while boosting immunity 

Fulvic acid is well-known for its benefits of reducing inflammation, which naturally and often occur in our bodies. Regularly taking fulvic acid will work as your body’s defense against illnesses. It’s still important to note that the results are different, as our bodies are different. Also, please be aware that this supplement won’t cure or prevent a disease. It’s just a natural way to keep your immune system strong.

Promoting brain health

Fulvic acid is known to promote bran health. Studies have shown that fulvic acid can improve results after a traumatic brain injury by reducing pressure on the brain. Additionally, fulvic acid interferes with certain proteins that accelerates the well-known Alzheimer’s disease. So, what’s more important, is to determine if supplementing your medication with fulvic acid might stabilize brain function. Beware that only your doctor can prescribe you medications and advice you whether to take fulvic acid or not. Still, more fulvic acid research is needed before we can conclude its real and effective benefits on promoting brain function. 

Fulvic acid contains a plethora of minerals and nutrients that can improve health, including:


*Trace minerals

*Fatty acids 



Fulvic acid has been shown to contain multiple active functional groups, including:

*Ketone carbonyl


*Quinone carbonyl

*Alkoxyl groups 

Fulvic acid has a very high pH, and also super fine, meaning that it is produced with organic plants. If you want to buy fulvic ionic minerals, please be sure to research before and speak to your doctor about the way you can use to incorporate fulvic acid into your life. 

Other health benefits

*Cellular function

*Skin health

*Slowing down the progression of specific cancer cells

*Improving muscle strength and endurance


*Hair and nails



*Improved energy

*Promote optimal weight

*Support the immune system

*Mental clarity


*Ward off invaders in the body

Helps boost digestion

Because fulvic acid contains lots of minerals and electrolytes, which are very important for proper metabolic functions and digestive health. Fulvic acid can be taken in small doses, and still promote health gut. It will help lower unpleasant digestion symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, food sensitivities, and bloating. Studies have also shown that fulvic acid transports minerals to body cells more effectively and quicker. This process makes cells more penetrable, while fighting inflammation within the digestive tract. 

How to take it?

It’s hard to determine the right dose, as the studies are limited. But, as any other supplement, it’s best to start with a small dose, and increase it as necessary. Also, the dosage might be determined by factors such as weight and height. Some studies conducted with 20 male participants reported that a dosage of up to 80 mg of fulvic acid is safe to take. Higher doses can only be taken by people who deal with more severe health issues. Also, higher doses might cause side effects, like headache, sore throat, and diarrhea. 

If you consider taking fulvic acid as a supplement, we recommend you to first talk to your doctor. It can interfere with some meds, so it’s best that your doctor knows your medical history, they’re most eligible to tell you fi it’s safe to take fulvic acid. It’s very important to consider the quality of the products you buy. Some supplements might not be as trustworthy as you may think, thus, don’t forget to do your research before and learn how to choose companies that are tested by independent organizations. 

It’s indeed fascinating how modern research show us things that we search for years and find nothing about. Research can help us discover how important it is to take vitamins and minerals, as our bodies need more and more, as we age. Some people consume fulvic acid because they want more energy, while others take this supplement because they want to sleep better. Fulvic acid is a natural and organic supplement that delivers plenty of benefits into our bodies. Headaches, joint pain, muscle or bone pain, and so on – all of these can be treated with fulvic acid. 

A determined person who wants to improve their strength will know what they must do. If building muscles take years, improving your strength won’t happen overnight. But, luckily, fulvic acid has enough minerals and vitamins to improve someone’s strength quicker than expected. 

Also, it’s important to mention that toxins and heavy metals must be removed from your body, but we don’t always take the necessary steps to do it. Luckily, fulvic acid helps detoxify your body. Its detoxifying abilities are really fascinating, as fulvic acid is capable to break down toxins that enter our bodies through food, water, medications, pollution, etc. 

Some people say that their experience with fulvic acid was better than with other medication. It is possible that fulvic acid won’t work the same for everybody, and while this is perfectly normal, please be sure to address your health issues to your doctor before taking fulvic acid.

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