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How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Hose Holder

If you have ever had the uniquely frustrating experience of trying to use a garden hose without a reel, then you know how much of a struggle it can become. You must drag out the hose, hook it up, then pull it along with you where you need it. Except it is never that easy of course. Halfway there the hose might get caught and then stuck on something, so you must backtrack and free it up. Then you try and go back to where you were only to realize no water is coming out because the hose has kinked because it is a loose pile on the yard. After struggling with the hose the entire time you are watering, when it is time to store it the only option is to disconnect it and pile it somewhere.  

When it comes to gardening, lawn maintenance, and around the home projects that require a garden hose what you need is a hose holder. Also known as a hose reel, these lovely innovations in gardening make the annoying struggle with garden hoses disappear. 

However, currently there are hundreds of different types and kinds of wall-mounted hose holders to choose from. How will you know which ones will last? How do you choose one that is a worthwhile investment that won’t let you down? Which one lasts the longest? 

Here are the qualities to look for that will tell you how to choose the best wall-mounted hose holder

Hose Capacity

When considering a wall-mounted hose holder or reel, you should know the length of hose you use or will be using. If you aren’t sure, to determine the right length simply measure the current hose you are using from the spigot to the area that you know you will be watering the most. 

The reason this is important is that if you already own or purchase a 200-foot hose then try and fit it to a 125-foot capacity wall-mounted hose holder, you’ll end up with excess hanging or spilling off. An excess hose can prevent a hose reel or holder from working properly, not to mention create a potential tripping hazard depending on where the hose holder is mounted. 

Jumper Hose

Does the wall-mounted hose holder include a jumper hose? Sometimes called a leader hose, this hose is what attaches the reel to the spigot. A quality company that cares about its products and customers should include a standard jumper hose to save you from having to purchase anything extra.

Drinking Safe Plumbing

Not only is it important that your wall-mounted hose holder come with a jumper hose, but that jumper hose and any plumbing used on the wall-mounted reel must also be drinking water safe. Shockingly, many manufacturers still do not create jumper hoses, garden hose plumbing, or hoses themselves that are meant to supply potable water. If it is not marked drinking safe, you could be watering your lawn with traces of lead, antimony, bromine, and other toxic materials. 

What It Is Made Of

One of the best indicators that you have chosen the best wall-mounted hose holder is when you pick one made from the highest-quality materials. The first thing to note is what material the hose holder is made of. Plastic, while affordable, cannot withstand the damaging power of UV rays from the sun and will eventually begin to break down, turn brittle, and crack. Certain metals oxidize and begin to rust, weakening the metal and eventually leading to breakage as well. 

You’ll want a rugged aluminum-alloy construction. This alloy ensures the ultimate in rigidity, strength, and years of trouble-free performance as well as being lightweight, rust, and corrosion resistant.  

The second important detail is what materials the hardware is made of. High-grade stainless-steel hardware is a sure sign of a quality wall-mounted hose holder, as sturdy hardware that is just as rust and corrosion resistant adds to the longevity of the holder itself. 


Is the wall-mounted hose holder versatile enough to be configured for either parallel or perpendicular mounting and use? The reason this is essential is for you to have as many choices as to where and how to mount the hose holder for your convenience. 

These are the key features in knowing how to choose the best wall-mounted hose holder for your investment. When you find these features altogether, you know you’ve chosen not only the best but one that will outperform, be long lasting and worth it. 

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