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I am not sure about you but I hope you had the most amazing of Thanksgivings like I did. I had the most amazing of Thanksgivings & it was so special because I got to do what I love, and that is to cook, plus I had lots of family all around to hang with throughout the day which made it extra special. My sister even came in to town from Florida and it was such a blast. I literally cooked up a storm on Wednesday and Thursday and To help you and your family enjoy an easy and delicious holiday meal, @JBTAvure is teaming up with Burgers’ Smokehouse/ @Smokehouse1952 to host a Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced City Ham Giveaway!he end result was a delicious feast to enjoy on Thanksgiving and the star of the meal was for sure the Burger’s Smokehouse Ham. We got a delicious ham from Burger’s Smokehouse and the ham I got from them was their most popular ham… the Hickory Smoked Spiral Cut City Ham. This ham was so good and my entire family enjoyed it and I have to mention that it was truly the best ham that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. This is perfection for any occasion that you throw its way and I will for sure be ordering another for Christmas.

A Bit About Burger’s Smokehouse:

Since 1927, Burgers’ Smokehouse has been smoking & curing meats still using Grandma Hulda’s method of hand-preparing and slow-curing meats. They use a dry-cured process which uses a mixture of salt, pepper and brown sugar and they hand-rub it onto the meat and let it age on Missouri time using the same methods that E. M Burger once did. They also provide premium food products to retailers, chefs and you the customer throughout the state of Missouri and the United States of America and they have invested in their packaging to provide efficiency and value to its customers. I also have to stress that I love that Burgers’ Smokehouse is family owned and that all of their delicious foods and products are Made right here in the USA.

The Burger’s Smokehouse Hickory Smoked a Spiral Cut City Ham, is their most popular and for good reason. It was hands down the most delicious ham that I have ever had… which speaks volumes and I suggest anyone order one for their special gathering as your guests will be so impressed as were mine. This fabulous hame comes in a few sizes to suit your needs… there is a 6-7.5 lb. Spiral Sliced City Ham, a 7.5-8.5 lb. Spiral Sliced City Ham, a 8.5-9.5 lb. Spiral Sliced City Ham (which is what I got) and also the 9.5-11 lb. Spiral Sliced City Ham. They even have Best Value Bundles where you can get 2 hams at a discounted price and that is what I will be doing for the Holidays. As you can see there is the perfect size to suit your family size.

This ham from Burger’s Smokehouse is so easy to prepare. You can serve at room temperature or like myself… and warm it up in the oven. I also used the yummy glaze that came with and the added flavor that it gave was incredible.

For me and my family, there is no substitute for a delicious ham and I had no idea what I was missing until I enjoyed this perfectly cooked ham from Burger’s Smokehouse. This ham is moist and tender with a delicate scent of real hickory smoke that is not overpowering at all! It just gives the ham that extra special hug of flavor and the end result as I have said several times… is the most delicious and moist of hams I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

The reasons you want this ham are simple… it’s a delicious and nice size that will allow you leftovers for the next day or two depending on you family size. This ham is so good because of the love that Burger’s Smokehouse puts into each ham as they take extra care during the curing and cooking processes and then slice each and every ham by hand. This is old world craftsmanship at its finest and they check and ensure that every process of making each ham is perfect and they do this by using the freshest hams, spices and real hickory smoke plus the spiral slicing for the ultimate in serving convenience. There is also a complementary packet of Burger’s Smokehouses homemade honey glaze that ensures your ham is extra special before serving! It is savory and a little sweet and so good!

So what do you think of the Burger’s Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Serial City City Ham!? Are you a lover of a good ham like myself?! These yummy hams that are made here in the USA are everything and this is truly the best ham I have ever had the pleaser of eating so get yours today to try for yourself! Below you can enter to win a ham to try for yourself and good luck to all!

Burgers' Smokehouse


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To help you and your family enjoy an easy and delicious holiday meal, @JBTAvure is teaming up with Burgers’ Smokehouse/ @Smokehouse1952 to host a Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced City Ham Giveaway!

About @Smokehouse1952

@Smokehouse1952 is a family-owned, award-winning meat company that started in 1927. #BurgersSmokehouse HPPs, all their cooked items including ham, pulled pork & baby back pork ribs

Instagram Giveaway Prize

We are giving away Burgers’ Smokehouse/@Smokehouse1952 Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced City Ham, a $89 dollar value

To enter:

1. Follow @JBTAvure & @Smokehouse1952 on Instagram and like this PIX2. In comments, tag your entry #BurgersSmokehouseHPP (1 tag = entry, unlimited entries).3. Bonus entry? Easy! Make a comment about why you want to try @Smokehouse1952  Baby Back Ribs made with @JBTAvure HPP.


One winner will be chosen on Jan. 30, 2023.The winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of Instagram entries.The winner must live in the lower 48 states of the United States.Good luck, everyone!

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