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Wow Your Guests With More Creative Fare

Wow Your Guests With More Creative Fare


As every host knows, throwing a party takes some time and effort, but throwing a get-together to remember doesn’t require you to sink endless hours of work or to break the bank. If you want to impress your guests, all you need to do is focus on a few key areas. There’s a lot of work that goes into throwing a great party, so every host aims to throw a party everyone will remember. Remember that if you want to throw a memorable event, you need to offer elements that people find unique and memorable. This is particularly true for special holidays (like New Years, Halloween, and other party-heavy holidays) when there are other parties across town to compete with. The good news is that it gets easier after you throw one truly unforgettable affair. Make the party memorable, and you’ll have no problem at all getting guests to come to your next gathering.


Plan Ahead


Start planning your to-do a month or more ahead of time, and make sure to send out invitations at least a few weeks ahead of time. Even if it’s a casual or informal get-together, give people at least two weeks to arrange their schedules. Consider the lifestyles and responsibilities of your guests and plan accordingly. No one will remember your fabulous party if they weren’t able to come in the first place!


The Right Food and Drink Options


For your next party, consider adding a few food items from around the world to spice things up. Surprise and delight your friends and family with a delicious Sushi tray or Thai appetizers instead of standard veggie sticks.  Your guests will be blown away when you serve Thai shrimp lettuce wraps or chicken satay party strips. And for dessert, skip the vanilla, and offer a refreshing alternative like Mochi ice cream. This delicious treat (that consists of ice cream wrapped in fluffy, crunchy rice cake) is gaining a lot of traction among Millennial tastemakers. If you’d like to learn more about this brilliant dessert, simply visit the MyMo Mochi Ice Cream Blog to see what flavors to choose from including double chocolate, green tea, and more.

Insist on Costumes


Make your next party a costume party and people will have the time of their lives — along with the stories and the great photos to prove it! If you want people to bring their best, insist on a theme — that way everyone comes dressed in similar costumes and can even compare. Pick from the following list of great costume party ideas:


  • Trailer Park Party (watch the hilariously low-rent costumes come out)
  • Underwear Model Party (where everyone can strip it down to bare essentials)
  • Winter Formal (let everyone dress to the nines)
  • Guys and Dolls Affair (similar to the formal, but with a winking, ironic flair)
  • Under the Sea (where everyone clams down)


This kind of party is actually quite easy because people are always looking for reasons to don party costumes and act silly. The most successful costume parties are the ones with fun themes (like the ones above) or movie star look-alike contests. If you want your party to be particularly memorable, consider shelling out for a prize for the most creative costume. And should the prize be significant enough, you’ll get costumes that people will never forget. All you have to do is provide decorations that match the theme and you’re set.


Simply follow these steps and you’ll soon have everything you need to throw a memorable and engaging party that will keep people talking — and posting — about for a long time. Remember that with the right incentives to dress up, some memorable, out-of-the-box food choices, and enough time to prepare, throwing the rager of the season is easier than you might think!