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Flock Line Latex Gloves: To Purchase or Not?

With the growing influx of gloves in the market, the need for durable and handy gloves is imminent. 

Flock lined latex gloves are 100% rubber and have an extra layer of insulation from the cotton lining or flock found inside the gloves. These gloves are suitable for use in a variety of industries like the petrol industry, concrete, chemical, automotive, landscaping, and household use.

The versatile uses of these gloves make them conducive in a wide range of industries, due to their peculiar specifications.  Flock lined latex gloves are lined with cotton 8 millimeters in and can be up to 25% thicker than ordinary gloves. This gives them an added advantage in the market, with premium durability from external influences. 

Characteristics of flock lined latex gloves

Flock-lined latex gloves come in different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on individual choice. There are specifications of different sizes depending on the size of the hand and length of the arm. Users can also choose the specific length size depending on the work ahead. For instance, chemical industries require lengthier flock lined gloves to prevent spillage and abrasion on the skin. 

The different color modifications make it versatile for use in different avenues. For instance, chlorinated flock lined latex gloves are yellow and are chlorinated to harden and cleanse the glove’s surface. 

Flock lined latex gloves are patterned on the palm and fingertips to ensure maximum grip. As latex is slippery when wet, the presence of a honeycomb or a diamond pattern ensures a firm hold on wet surfaces. 

The gloves are longer than other disposable gloves, making them perfect for a wide range of uses. Some flock lined latex gloves have a rolled cuff to prevent products from rolling over to the arm. This guarantees the wearer extra protection from surface spillage. Straight cuffs add additional length to the glove. 

There is the various specification of the flock lined gloves depending on the industrial use. For instance, heavy-duty flock lined gloves used in chemical industries have an inner lining of up to twenty-four millimeters. Light duty flock lined gloves for use in household or landscaping industries have an inner lining of around eight millimeters. 

All in all, the flock lining can be customized depending on preference and categorized depending on the industrial use.

Benefits of flock lined gloves

There are various benefits associated with flock lined gloves:

*Easy to don

The cotton lining in flock lined latex gloves make it very easy to wear and remove. Latex gloves are known for their difficulty in wearing, however, the cotton lining makes it easy to wear and does not limit the hands from sliding in and out with ease. 

*Additional protection

The cotton layer in the flock lined gloves provides extra protection to the wearer, thus being suitable in preventing abrasion and puncturing. The gloves are thicker than the normal alternatives, making them resistant to chemical or product manipulation.

*Increased durability and comfort

Plain gloves are basic and offer no comfort. Flock lined gloves offer comfort due to the presence of the cotton lining which is smug and comfortable. Their ease in wearing also makes them ideal for multiple uses as they are durable due to the additional protection layer, and are not prone to puncturing. This saves a lot of money making them cost-effective.  However, flock lined latex gloves are designed for single use. 


The flock lining in gloves seeks to keep the hands warm and soft for an extended period. This provides the additional support and comfort that is required especially when wearing them for long hours. The gloves also prevent moisture buildup thus maintains dry hands.


Flock lined latex gloves are extremely cost-effective and affordable as compared to nitrile gloves. Their usability makes them suitable in a wide range of industries and enhances the premium advantages of the gloves.


Flock lined latex gloves are friendly to the skin and do not irritate the skin surface. This makes them suitable for all skin types and ideal for use in sensitive areas. 

What to watch out for in flocked lined latex gloves

The versatile disposable glove market has seen the manufacture of a variety of gloves skyrocket due to the pandemic. The need for hygienic and safe options in gloves is ever so imminent, with considerations being employed to make future glove manufacture ideal for use in a wide range of industries. 

Flock lined gloves can be purchased from various online stores such as Amazon or Wal-Mart, and also found in department stores or retail stores. You can use a search tool to find additional online stores for purchase. 

It is best to check out the warranty of the gloves before purchase. The warranty seeks to protect the user from possible defects that might arise that make the product unsatisfactory.  It is therefore recommended to inspect the gloves as soon as they arrive to ascertain whether they have any defects. In case of defects, prompt return of the gloves will help in getting a refund or exchange of the product.

Industry and market players in the disposable gloves market are constantly deriving investment research methods that will revolutionize the industry with new market considerations. These have seen the use of gloves transcend from purely industrial use to everyday additives in society. For instance, the need for flock lined gloves that are cleared for multiple uses will prevent the disposable ones from multiple wears. This will enhance safety and result in a more durable product than the one currently in the market. 

Introducing new and upmarket trends and styles into the flock lined gloves market will diversify the market tremendously. The need for new designs and concepts will attract more consumers and create the versatility of the gloves in the market.

It is advisable to ensure to check whether the flock-lined gloves comply with FDA guidelines. Regardless of the industry of us, the gloves should have a stamp of approval on the packaging to ascertain their usability and clearance for use.

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