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Why Protein-Rich Diet Is Important for Faster Recovery After an Accident?

Snellville Georgia – a city of 20,000 people is indeed a charm. People are friendly overall and the city is safe for families to settle. However, due to some unwanted circumstances, accidents might happen as well. 

Why Do Accidents Occur? 

There are many reasons for the accidents to happen. We simply cannot label one thing as a cause of the accident. People who suffer from the accident regard it as ‘completely unexpected’ but, we do know that there is an unfortunate event behind it. Some of the most common reasons why people suffer from car accidents are: 

Over Speeding 

With your foot on the accelerator, you are increasing your chances of hitting a car. Over speeding is the most common cause of accidents across the world. With smoother roads, better vehicles, and more experience handling them; many people find it thrilling to take a ride exceeding the recommended speed limit. 

Influence Driving 

Whether its alcohol or you just like to drive with some weed, driving under the influence of drugs is never a good idea. With a weaker muscle to body connection and a delayed response time, doing drugs while driving can lead to serious fatal accidents. Even in Snellville, under a population of 20,000 almost 8 people come across an accident that costs them their life. 

Distracted Driving 

Food, water, mobile devices, pets, and kids can all cause a distraction while you drive. This is why it is recommended that you do not engage in consumables and gadgets while driving. As far as kids are concerned, always have them secured in the back seat. Use baby seats till the recommended age limit and after that always have them on their seats with the belts on. Pets should also be trained to stay in place or use a harness so they don’t bother you for attention and pets.

Treatment for Car Accident Injuries 

Treatment for injuries from car accidents in Snellville is not taken for granted. You can visit your nearest ER for instant services and follow-up with your accident doctor. Seeking medical treatment has to be your first priority because even if you don’t see any external damage, you can get internal injuries. For instance, even minor accidents that cause no damage to the vehicles result in patients looking for whiplash treatment in Snellville

The financial stress of recovering after an accident

While your primary focus might rightfully be ensuring that you’re able to get back on your feet and improve your quality of life after an accident, there are mental and emotional impacts. The accident itself can be highly traumatic, but there’s also the stress that comes with dealing with the costs. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then relying on legal help from sources like Dennis Hernandez might be one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself. There are plenty of ways to help manage your medical bills, so look online for more information on how to do that.

Initial Treatment 

The initial treatment plan consists of a few tests. 

*Physical examination in which the doctor will ask you about the extent of pain, the damage caused present health complications along other details of the accident. 

*Imaging tests and detailed exams in which the doctor will conduct examinations like x-rays and MRI so they can understand your condition better. 

Specialist Doctors 

If your injury is really bad, your doctor will refer you to a specialist. For example, patients with serious bone injuries are referred to a specialist orthopedic doctor. They are skilled and specialized healthcare professionals who will perform a thorough analysis of your condition and perform treatment/surgery accordingly. 

Alternate Care 

Forget the stash of medications and painkillers as soon as you start feeling better. Alternate care techniques are medically approved and can yield tons of health benefits for you after a car accident. Car accident chiropractors in Snellville can provide excellent post-accident recovery services given that your accident doctor has recommended them. Apart from this, physical therapy also has significant benefits on your overall muscular health, range of motion along with the ability to regain stamina. Many people tend to visit their favorite alternate healthcare provider even after full recovery because they help you improve your lifestyle. 

Role of Food in Recovery from Accident 

Just getting proper treatment and spending money on medications is not enough. Once you are in an accident, your body goes through an intense trauma that can lead to physical, emotional, and mental health deterioration. 

You need to focus on your diet. Include foods that are extremely healthy and promote healing. You might find it surprising but, having sugary snacks and junk food can actually worsen your condition and make you a lot more uncomfortable while depriving your body of different nutrients necessary for healing. 

What Food Is Best for Recovery?

Whether internal injuries or external, you are suffering from wounds. Internal injuries mainly lead to muscle damage, tissue rupture, or organ bleeding, on the other hand, external injuries lead to bruises and lacerations. To make sure that you are recovering properly, your body needs to have an abundant supply of protein. 

Why Does My Body Need Protein More Than Anything?

Proteins promote healing. Giving your body enough protein will allow you to heal quicker, better, and faster because proteins have everything that your body needs to have an accelerated healing process. What you are eating will clearly have an impact on the way your body heals. 

Our bodies require an adequate amount of protein to heal the wounds along with day to day damage to muscles. In an accident, the requirement of a healthy diet increases as proteins will benefit every cell, every muscle, every bruise, and every torn ligament of the body. 

Recent scientific studies showed the reasons why wounds don’t heal in the body. It also educates people on the type of diet that you must maintain to accelerate the healing process. Even your chiropractor in Snellville will make sure that you keep a healthy diet while taking regular sessions. 

Here are a few things that should be a major part of your diet: 


Beans are abundant in protein. Low in calories but highly-energizing – beans of any kind will give your body a punch of protein that it needs. There are plenty of beans available but kidney beans, black beans, and smaller lentils are the healthiest if you are looking for a quick protein-packed munch. Add them in your pasta, soup or just eat them roasted – they will provide your body with an adequate amount of protein. 100 grams of beans contain almost 21 grams of protein which covers almost a quarter of the daily protein requirement. Look out of the carbs though. 


Favorite of many, your nuts, seeds, and legumes provide an excellent amount of protein. They can be consumed as a snack on their own or you can include them in a recipe of your choice. With the daily recommended serving being 28 grams of nuts every day, you can easily have them with a meal and stay full for a longer time. Nuts are easily available throughout the year so you won’t have any issues finding them. Think of adding cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios to your diet for the best results. 


If you are looking for a protein source with very little carbs and fat, eggs are your best friend. Fry them, add them to your meal raw, boil them, make a scramble – do anything you want and the humble egg won’t disappoint you. Although, doctors do mention that people with a higher concentration of uric acid in their body might develop health complications and heart issues by taking too many eggs. So, just remain in your recommended size if you have any health issues. People who have actively been eating eggs before the accident can continue taking as per their routine. 


Chicken is regarded as a healthy and rich source of protein from poultry items. There are literally billions of things you can do with chicken (just don’t eat it raw!). From soups to stews and from curries to pasta – there are so many ways you can include chicken in your diet. Buy some boneless breasts and grill them or toss away some healthy wings in the oven to get the benefits of protein and deliciousness of chicken. Also, many women are suffering from PCOS and chicken might not be a good choice for them. Therefore, it is important to consult the doctor first. 

Food Choices to Avoid 

While you are getting your Snellville chiropractic care for back pain with a healthy protein-rich diet after an accident, there are certain food choices and styles of food that you must avoid. Not only they are bad for your health but they also elongate the healing process. This results in the person developing other health complications like weight gain, allergies, etc. 

Here are a few things you need to avoid: 

Deep-Fried Food 

As a Georgian, when we mentioned chicken, the thought of having a delicious fried chicken by your bed would have seemed a perfect choice. Unfortunately, having deep-fried food while you are on bed rest will cause you to gain weight and mess up your metabolism. Therefore, grill your chicken or meat instead of frying it in heaps of oil. 


As grandmothers used to advise “Don’t eat a lot of spices if you are injured”. Well, recent studies showed that taking spices may enhance the overall flavor of a dish but adding a lot of them can slow down the recovery and heal wounds less fast. Therefore, keep your food really mild. 

Nitrate-Rich Foods 

Consuming excessive nitrates may lead to a disease called atherosclerosis. In this disease, the fatty plaque grows within the blood vessels. If you continue your diet without a change, it can result in damaged vessels bursting. Many cooked meals like bacon and sausages are rich in nitrate.


Accidents can happen to anyone. It is mandatory to get yourself checked, people who have any form of accident injury need to get themselves treated. You need to consume an adequate amount of protein that will help you get better and have a faster healing process. Just make sure that you are healthily eating your proteins. 

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