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Five Questions Every Bride Should Ask Their Wedding Florist  

Flowers have been associated with weddings for centuries, with evidence they were part of marriage ceremonies during the time of Ancient Rome. As well as being visually appealing, they were originally used to create a pleasant scent to override any unpleasant aromas. Thankfully, brides these days rarely have to worry about this. However, with so much choice, it can be hard to choose the perfect floral arrangements for such a special occasion.  

If you are planning your wedding, be sure to ask your florist these five questions. 

‘Which Flowers Are in Season on My Wedding Day?’ 

Although flowers are farmed, different flowers flourish depending on the season. In much the same way as strawberries are available all year round but are at their best during Wimbledon fortnight, some flowers are at their most radiant during a specific month. By asking your Cotswolds wedding florist for help choosing flowers that are naturally in season on your wedding day, you could benefit from the biggest and best blooms as well as often getting a better deal financially.  

‘What Are Your Prices?’ 

For most couples, sticking to the wedding budget is vital and having an estimate of the cost for your luxury wedding flowers means you can plan ahead. A professional Cotswold wedding florist will happily share a pricelist with you, although it is important to remember that factors such as season and the size of the wedding venue can influence costings. 

‘Do You Have a Portfolio?’ 

Experienced florists should be happy to show you examples of their work, usually in the form of a portfolio or photo album. Not only will this show you the standard of their work, but it can also be a wonderful way of getting fresh ideas from a luxury wedding florist. Seeing a range of flowers, styles and colour palettes is a fantastic way to explore ideas. You can also ask your florist if they know how to preserve your wedding bouquet so that you can keep it as a beautiful reminder of your special day. Some florists offer this service and if this is something that you are looking to do with your wedding bouquet it is important to ensure that they can do this important step for you. 

‘Will It Be You or Someone Else Arranging the Flowers on the Day?’ 

Peak wedding season is a busy time for a luxury wedding florist, and they may be working on other events on the same day as your wedding. Always ask who will be preparing and arranging your flowers. Florists bring their personality to their work so ensure you are happy with whoever is taking charge’s style before committing. 

‘What Would You Recommend?’ 

Unless you have had your heart set on a wedding bouquet of red roses since childhood, it makes sense to use the expertise your florist has to your advantage. Asking your wedding florist for advice can result in unique creations and combinations that will leave your guests flabbergasted! 

Choosing the flowers for your wedding is exciting and finding a florist who shares in your joy makes the experience particularly enjoyable. Often your gut instinct will guide you to the perfect florist who will share your passion and understand your vision. By working together collaboratively, you can rest assured your wedding flowers will be everything you hoped for and more.