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Learn How the ORO Baby Alarm & Advanced Sleep System Can Help Expectant Mothers Avoid Stillbirths 

There is nothing more that I cherish in my life than having become a mother for the first time. It is a beautiful time in a young couple’s life, which is why I wanted to share the ORO Med and their ORO Baby Alarm and Advanced Sleep System with everyone that I know. These products are designed to safeguard the health and well-being of an unborn baby, and for expectant mothers, this is an amazing thing. We all know that when you find out that you are going to have a baby, you diligently follow various recommendations from others who have been there and done that, including eating a healthy diet and attending regular prenatal check-ups. Still, it is also important to note that an expecting mother’s sleep position is also critical while pregnant, especially when playing a role in preventing stillbirths. In fact, in recent years, research has shown that pregnant women who sleep on their sides, specifically the left side, are recognized as the optimal position for pregnant women to utilize when sleeping. By simply lying on your left side when sleeping during pregnancy helps to improve blood flow and the body’s nutrient supply to the placenta, which enhances fetal oxygenation. Not only that but sleeping on the left side also prevents the uterus from compressing the large blood vessels that supply the placenta when sleeping on the back, which is a potential risk factor for stillbirth. This is a huge issue, more significant than I could have ever imagined, and it’s the reason I wanted to share the ORO Baby Alarm and their Advanced Sleep System with you all, as the folks at ORO Med are working to help protect mothers-to-be and their unborn babies. Let’s take a look at their Baby Alarm and Advanced Sleep System.   

Why ORO Baby Alarm & ORO Advanced Sleep System? 

By combining the unique benefits of the ORO Latex Mattress, the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and the ORO Baby Alarm System, the folks at ORO Med will enable expectant mothers to reduce stillbirths and help save babies’ lives. The statistics are in, and they are unsettling, with stillbirths and miscarriages being a tragedy for mothers and the entire family. In fact, research suggests that out of one million pregnancies in the UK, 25% end up in babies’ deaths before they are born. This is why the folks at ORO Med passionately work to help lower the risk of stillbirths and demonstrate how the ORO Advanced Sleep System can help all expectant mothers reduce these risks by at least half. 

In comes as the ORO Baby Alarm & ORO Advanced Sleep System. There are three different parts to the ORO System, and this system will assist expectant mothers in reducing these miss happenings and provide safety by ensuring that when expectant moms are turning from their side on the way to the other side while sleeping, they never end up sleeping on their backs longer than a minute. This will enable expectant moms to reduce stillbirth by half, ultimately saving babies’ lives, which is beautiful. 

The way it works is when an expectant mother starts sleeping on her side, and then sometime during the night, she turns onto her back to sleep; that is when the mother will press on the Baby Alarm (heart), which activates the alarm, which starts with a delayed time of silence of 25 seconds. This delay gives the mother time to finish turning to her other side without the alarm going off, waking her and her husband. But if the mother continues sleeping on her back without turning to her side for longer than 25 seconds, the alarm will go off with the sound of a baby crying for 15 seconds, and then it will stop. If the mother stays on her back and does not roll to her other side to release the sound module on the alarm…… it will remain compressed while she is on her back. In turn, there will be 10 seconds of silence, and then 15 seconds of an increased volume of the baby’s crying sound will start. And if the mother remains on the back sleeping position after that, the vibration will start without delay for 10 seconds to wake her up and remind her to turn to her other safe sleeping position. This ORO Baby Alarm System will be a game changer for all new expectant parents, and the folks at ORO Med are working diligently to help lower the risk of stillbirths and to demonstrate how the ORO Advanced Sleep System can help expectant mothers further reduce these risks and provide peace of mind. 

ORO Baby Alarm Package 


The ORO Baby Alarm Package comes with everything you need to get started, and it is perfect for ensuring that you are sleeping on your side safely. If you only get one thing from ORO Med… you need this ORO Baby Alarm Package. Each package comes with one Baby Alarm, three Bras and three sets of Panties. You wear the bra and panties set each night and also set the alarm to go off throughout the night as needed to remind you to sleep on your side in the event you lie on your back. Super easy to use and super effective! 

ORO Advanced Latex Mattress 

If you want to take it to the next level…. the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress is the perfect choice. This mattress is designed to support side sleeping, and that makes it perfect for expectant moms. I honestly always slept on my left side through each of my pregnancies, and I am now a side sleeper through and through. I love that there is a mattress designed to support side sleepers perfectly. This mattress is unique because it has an ORO 100% Latex Mattress Core with a built-in Pressure Relief Comfort Recess that people say has helped them enjoy their best night’s sleep. Combining this side sleeping mattress with the ORO Baby Alarm Package provides you with the best night’s sleep for expectant moms and will encourage that healthy side sleeping position. When you purchase the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress, you get…. 

*One Latex Mattress
*One Mattress Cover
*One Thick Pad + Two Pad Cases
*One Thin Pad + Two Pad Cases
*One Thick Pillow + two Pillowcases
*One Thin Pillow + two Pillowcases
*Two Fitted Sheets
*ORO Alarm Baby Package 

ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed (OROBED) 

The ORO Adjustable Bed (OROBED) is a bed before it’s time that you can enjoy now. It is built to meet the family’s exact needs and specifications. If you want different controls and changes to both sides of the unit…. that is no problem for the folks at ORO Med. If you want an adjustable massage…. no problem! If you want a prevention snoring option…. that too is no problem! The folks at ORO Med say that once you’ve slept on an OROBED, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it. With the OROBED, you can push one button and adjust your OROBED so that the back is at 85 degrees. This position is perfect for relieving breathing problems, too… think asthma, emphysema, hiatus, a hernia, and sinusitis. Also, if you want to elevate your feet after a long day’s work, with one touch of a button, the OROBED has you covered. It will raise your feet ideally, and this position is perfect for relieving circulation problems, too…. think rheumatic hip pains, sciatica, varicose veins, night cramps, swollen ankles, and water retention.  

With the OROBED, you will sleep and relax like never before. Not only can you adjust your head and feet precisely as you desire, but if you feel like a massage, OROBED has you covered, too. Choose from a full-body massage or, a different neck/head or even a foot massage! The best part is if you fall asleep during the massage, it is no big deal as it auto shuts off after 30 minutes!

So, what do you think of the ORO Advanced Sleeping System from ORO Med? I know I for sure will get the ORO Baby Alarm Package for my daughter when she has a child of her own one day, and the mattress and adjustable base are amazing as well. Definitely worth checking out as sleep is so essential, and ensuring a good night’s sleep and a safe night’s sleep for expectant moms is everything. Visit ORO Med today and visit them on social media, too! 


+44(0) 1895 311 631 


International Awards 


At the 31stInternational Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the CEO of OROMED Int. was awardeda Diploma and Gold Medal for the Design and Innovation of the ORO Advanced Sleep System. 

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