Find The Perfect Gift With Waxing Kara ~ Bee Inspired Boutique Raw Honey Beauty & Skin Care @waxingkara @SMGurusNetwork

Find The Perfect Gift With Waxing Kara ~ Bee Inspired Boutique Raw Honey Beauty & Skin Care @waxingkara @SMGurusNetwork

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I cannot wait for Christmas as this is my favorite time of the year. I love to see the looks on my family and friends faces when they open my gifts which is why I am excited to gift a few of my friends and family members with fabulous gifts from Waxing Kara. Waxing Kara creates Boutique Raw Honey & Skin Care Products that are inspired by all things Bee’s and Waxing Kara creates some amazing products that I cannot wait to share with you. 

I received the Waxing Kara I’ll Bee Home Gift Set to try and I am in love! This set is perfection and makes the perfect gift for everyone and anyone this Holiday Season. This limited edition holiday gift contains a Tradition Candle, Red Tinted Balm Trio, a Cinnamon Honey Lollipop, a Holly Honey, and a Honey Dipper all wrapped up and packaged in a hand-stamped muslin bag perfect for gifting. This set will allow your recipient to feel the comfort of home wherever they are.

Let’s take a look at each item included in the I’ll Bee Home Gift Set:

I have to say I am in love with the Tradition Candle. The fragrance is everything! It reminds me of walking into a country craft store and it is seriously the best smell ever. I am ordering a few of their larger jar candles next as I am going to ensure that this scent is everywhere in my home and the scent is nice and strong as it provides a fabulous scent when you are burning it. The scent is fruity, herbal, and spicy. Tradition is an exotic blend of juicy pomegranate, warm cardamom, and savory citrus and nutmeg that transports you to a mediterranean villa. This candle is perfect for anytime of the year and it is my new favorite fragrance.

The Waxing Kara Red Tinted Lip Balm Trio provides the perfect touch of color in 3 amazing shades of red. These lip tints are made with a 92% organic formulation that pampers your lips and each tint offers luxurious moisture with a sheer kiss of color to brighten your day. Each lip tint is a perfect combination of honey, beeswax, botanicals and mineral colors that are combined to form a nourishing and rich formulation that will leave your lips soft, smooth and shimmery.

Waxing Kara’s Cinnamon Honey Lollipops are an amazingly delicious treat! They are handmade and nostalgic lollipops that are the perfect blend of cinnamon and sweet honey. I love that they are free from artificial colors and flavors and these delicious lollipops are perfection for jazzing up your hot cup of tea or for sweeting up your favorite cold-weather cocktails. These taste just like a yummy fireball candy…. so delish!

Holly Honey is one of Waxing Kara’s newest varieties and perfect for anyone that loves honey. If you enjoy a mild honey, floral and buttery with a slightly herbal finish, then this is the perfect honey for you. This honey is light amber in tint and it is a rich and smooth honey with just the right level of sweetness. This is pure, raw and Star K Certified Kosher honey at its finest. You get a honey dripper to use this delicious batch perfectly for anything that you choose as well.

So what do you think of Waxing Kara and their fabulous Waxing Kara I’ll Bee Home Gift Set? Is it not the perfect gift set for that someone special? Check them out online and on social media too as Waxing Kara has lots of gift sets to choose from as well as individual products that you can purchase for yourself or to build you own gift set for that someone special.


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  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This is such a great collection. We eat a lot of honey at our house so this sounds great. I also love the candle. I can’t wait to smell this. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful product

  • Karin Dollery

    I have always had a Pollinating garden for the Bees and the Butterflies. We all enjoy honey at our house and love to eat it on a regular basis. I love helping these wonderful Pollinators and will continue to do so.

  • Marysa

    I haven’t heard of this brand before, but their line of products sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing – these would make great holiday gifts!

  • Shannon citrino m

    Mother in law used to have bees, I was always amazed at the stuff you could make just from having them. These look like great products!

  • Derrick Johnson

    Our family uses a lot of honey,from tea,to coffee,to our cereal & oatmeal. This is an amazing gift to win or give to a family member or friend!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    AQ great collection that would make a terrific gift. I especially like the Waxing Kara Red Tinted Lip Balm. Sounds like it is a real treat for your lips especially in the winter hen lips tend to dry and chap

  • Donna C.

    I love bee wax gifts and fresh honey. I always buy from the local farmer’s market. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the review.

  • Heather Bridson

    Wow, this looks great! I love raw honey. Would so love to try these for sure. Will have to check out what else they may have and get a lip balm for sure!

  • wen budro

    This looks like a wonderful company with some great products. I love trying new honey products especially flavored honeys and lip products. The packaging is cool as well.

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