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Enjoy Sustainable Cleaning With DAZZ High Performing Cleaning Tablets!

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love a clean home, as a clean home is a beautiful home but it is also true that a clean home is a healthy home as you keep germs, bacteria, dust and more at bay. For me it is all about how a clean home makes me feel… which is why keeping it clean and tidy is key for me as I like my house to be ready for any visit at any time and a clean home that is picture perfect is the key. I am also about sustainable living, trying to eliminate the use of plastics throughout my home as much as possible which is why I jumped at the chance to work with DAZZ and their sustainable cleaning system.

DAZZ is a high-performing, refill household cleaning system that is basically a line of household cleaners that come in concentrated tablets that allow you to reuse spray bottles, rather than toss them into the trash. I love this as DAZZ Cleaning Tablets are a sustainable cleaning solution that I love plus they are economical! It really does not get better than that which is why I have to spread to word to everyone and anyone that I know.  

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets come in 3 varieties…. an All Purpose Cleaner, a Window and Glass Cleaner and a Bathroom Cleaner. The best part is that all 3 are extremely effective cleaners as they cut through grease, oils and messes of all kinds PLUS they are perfect for all hard surfaces both inside an outside of your home. The best part is that they each have a wonderful fragrance that will make you feel good when cleaning your home too.

DAZZ has a Whole House Starter Kit that is the perfect way to get started on your sustainable cleaning journey as you will receive everything you need to clean your home. You receive 3 Reusable Spray Bottles & 6 Refills. The kit provides you with a Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Window Cleaner and a Bathroom Cleaner plus all DAZZ cleaning tablets are eco-friendly and non toxic which is important too for you, your kids and pets. 

Now let’s discuss how DAZZ works. You simply add warm tap water to the empty DAZZ bottle & then drop in the DAZZ tablets from one refill pack. It is important to make sure that the tablets dissolve completely before attaching the sprayer and each refill packet makes 1 ~ 32 ounce bottle of cleaner. Other benefits of the DAZZ cleaning system are:

*Streak Free, Tough Cleaning On Any Surface: These cleaners are all perfect for any hard surface in your home. Eliminate odors, stains and grit easily and they can be used in your kitchen bathrooms, on wood, walls, hardwood or stone floor, furniture, on pet messes and also anywhere outside of your home that needs cleaning.

*Plant & Mineral Based Cleaners: DAZZ Cleaning Tablets are PH Neutral and made of natural ingredients which is super important to me as that makes them safe for kids and pets. DAZZ never uses harsh chemicals in their cleaning products and they are alcohol and ammonia free.

*Proven Effective Against The Leading Brands: I was thrilled to find out that in 3rd party testing, DAZZ’s environmentally sustainable formulas have been shows to outperform the leading brands which is huge and I can attest to this as they clean beautifully.

*Just Add Water Formulation: Fill the reusable DAZZ bottle with warm tap water and drop in your DAZZ tablets! Simply allow the tablets to completely dissolve before attaching the sprayer and you are ready to clean!

*Make a Billion Bottle Difference: DAZZ’z sustainable cleaning system is the re-fill system that ends plastic waste and that saves you money in the process. All DAZZ products are non-toxic, vegan and always cruelty free. Oh… the best part they are made in the USA! That is especially huge for me and the reason that DAZZ cleaning tablets will be the only cleaning products that I use going forward.

So let’s look at each of the DAZZ cleaning tab varieties:

DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner

The DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for cutting through grease, spills, and sticky messes of all kinds. This is perfect for the kitchen and that is where I use it most of the time. It’s a hard-working, all-purpose cleaner that has a light fresh scent which I love as fragrance is everything to me. DAZZ cleaners are safe as I mentioned above for all hard surfaces both inside and outside of your home and what I love most about DAZZ products is that they allow you to clean you entire home without chemical odors and toxins. 

DAZZ Window & Glass Cleaner

The DAZZ Window and Glass Cleaner works beautifully. I have used it on my mirrors in the bathrooms and bedrooms and it leaves the mirrors perfectly clean and streak free. As with all DAZZ cleaning tablets, they are formulated without any harsh chemicals and they are safe to use on all sorts of shiny hard surfaces. This window cleaner is nice and I also love the fresh minty scent that it leaves behind.

DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner

DAZZ’s Bathroom Cleaner is amazing! It cleans my bathroom perfectly and really makes cleaning easy. Soap scum and toothpaste droppings in the sink are no match for DAZZ’s bathroom cleaner and as in all of the various DAZZ cleaners…. the bathroom cleaner has a fresh tropical breeze scent that makes cleaning the bathroom a pleasant experience with its powerful natural deodorizers. I love this one! 

So what do you think of DAZZ and their sustainable high-performance cleaning system? Are you like me and looking to eliminate the use of plastics in your home as much as possible? From water bottles, plastic bottles to plastic grocery bags… eliminating the use of plastics wherever possible is super important for every household to do and which is why I am obsessed with the sustainable cleaning products that DAZZ provides! They not only are sustainable cleaning but they are effective cleaning solutions for every room of your home all while being non-toxic and eco-friendly. Check out DAZZ Cleaning Tablets for yourself today and start enjoying effective sustainable cleaning at its best.


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