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Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A New Mattress

People rarely think about mattresses.

They are simply a part of the bed that we rarely pay attention to unless we have to change it. However, even though it usually slides below our radar, the mattress has a very important function. In the end, we spend one-third of a day (some more) laying on it. Because of this, you need to be very serious when purchasing one. A mattress purchase shouldn’t be based on a whim; it is an important necessity that will have a profound impact on your life. In fact, we can even argue that a mattress, together with a bed, is the most important furniture piece in our home.

There are lots of things you have to know about these items – let’s check some of the main facts!

Types of mattresses

Before anything else, you have to decide what type of a mattress you wish to purchase.

Keep in mind that like with every product, mattresses vary based on the price and quality. However, there are many more factors that need to be considered. There are certain mattresses which are great for people with asthma and allergies while there are those that provide good support to your back.

Longevity is another thing to be considered as the mattress isn’t something you will purchase each day. This is closely connected to the material being used as well as the manufacturer.

• Pocket spring mattress

An interesting thing about this type of a mattress is that it consists of numerous smaller springs. This is great as each spring works separately to provide awesome back support. There are various versions to choose from based on firmness. Manufacturers sometimes fill them with various materials such as wool. This is something that can cause various problems to people suffering from allergies. In fact, this is one of the reasons why companies slowly started turning to mattresses made of latex and memory foam. Nevertheless, pocket spring mattresses are usually on the lower price spectrum. Even if one doesn’t fit or if it tears, you can easily buy a new one without spending too much money. They are a great solution for couples who are different in terms of weight, body size as well as sleeping position.

• Open spring mattress

This is probably one of the oldest types of mattresses still in use. It is based on a wire which is then connected to numerous springs. Unlike the previously mentioned pocket spring mattress, springs in this product move together. Perhaps the two main reasons why you should buy this item is 1) They are cheap and 2) They are easy to turn over. Open spring mattresses are great for guest rooms and for beds that are generally not often used. It is a cheap option.

• Latex mattress

This is one of the more modern types of a mattress. Latex is a pretty awesome material as it doesn’t heat too much. This makes it a good option for couples as well as anyone that lives in hot regions. Given that latex is man-made, it won’t cause allergies or any other issues to sensitive people. Lastly, they can be rather firm.

• Memory foam mattress

Great for people with allergies, memory foam mattresses are very popular nowadays. This also coincides with the fact that more and more children, as well as adults, are suffering from various respiratory issues and allergies. Another good reason why you should give it a chance is because a memory foam mattress adjusts according to your body type. This is especially true for versions infused with other supportive materials like gel, or air. It will bend as you lay on it providing enough support for joints and back. Because of this, it is perhaps the best model for people suffering from various issues. Health issues such as experiencing pain in certain areas of your body can be supported by this type of mattress. After coming to the conclusion that the memory foam mattress is the way forward for you, it is time to start looking for one. Before rushing into a decision, you may want to take a look at these reviews from Mattress Inquirer ( so that you can find the one that is the best and most suited to you. There is only one downside to choosing this type of mattress though, so be warned; it usually isn’t cheap. However, as any other quality item, this goes without saying.

What if you have back pain?

While everyone can benefit from this short guide, it is especially important for people with back issues.

Mattresses should provide enough relief during the night allowing the body to rest and recuperate. Ideally, if you have back issues, you should find an item that is firm enough but at the same time soft. So somewhere in between.

Firmness has to do a lot with your weight. People who are heavier will always require firmer, stronger mattresses. On the flipside, if you are rather light, you can go with a lighter mattress. Another thing that may have an impact is the way you’re sleeping. For example:

People sleeping on the side require a soft mattress
• People who change positions require a medium soft mattress
• People who sleep on their back require a medium firm mattress
• People sleeping on their belly require a firm mattress

All of that needs to be accounted for prior to purchasing an item. If you’re not certain how you’re sleeping, ask your partner or someone else who is living with you.

With all these tips you can buy an item that will be perfect for your body type and which will serve you for years to come!

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  • Sue E

    I did not know of these tips. I was under the impression that the foam mattresses will help all kinds of back pains. I did not know that there was different degrees of mattresses! We just laid on different ones and the one that felt the best we bought.
    The foam mattress just welcomes my body. After that sweet sleep comes! If I would have known these tips, I would have used the tip:
    People who sleep on their back require a medium firm mattress.
    I used to love sleeping on my sides and stomach, but after a couple of surgeries, I just sleep on my back now. I still love our posture pedic mattress and it’s guaranteed for 20 years!

  • gloria patterson

    OMG I did not know most of this information! I need a new mattress but hate shopping for one. I never know what to ask, I end up laying on it and saying yes or no. Saving this information and going to making a list of questions to make sure I get the right one.

  • Lauryn R

    These are fantastic tips for buying a new mattress! I love that you went into detail about each type of mattress that is offered now! We bought a new King size mattress (Serta) a couple of years ago and love it. However, my youngest two are in need of mattresses and I have been curious about all of the new styles out now. Particularly the kind you can have delivered right to your door, how convenient!

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