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Treat Your Taste Buds To A Decadent Experience With Serendipity Super Premium Ice Creams! @Eat_Serendipity @SMGurusNetwork

Treat Your Taste Buds To A Decadent Experience With Serendipity Super Premium Ice Creams!

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Being a huge fan of all things ice cream… I jumped at the chance to give Serendipity’s new line of premium ice creams a try and let me tell you….they are amazing! Have you seen them yet in the freezer section of a store near you? Well be on the lookout for them because these delicious pints are packed full of wonderful goodness and so far I am loving each and every one of the 11 exciting flavor combinations available! They are made with a yummy array of flavors and textures that will have your taste buds dancing for sure.

Serendipity’s new Ice Cream pints are a new line of flavors that are inspired from the iconic NYC restaurant Serendipity 3. With a history that spans back decades (and always a line out the door), the Serendipity 3 restaurant has entertained the appetites of children, adults and world-famous celebrity personalities alike. Let’s check out each and every decadent & delicious flavor now…..

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream with Whipped Cream Swirl and Chocolate Shavings

This one is simply amazing. I mean hot chocolate flavored ice cream, whipped cream swirl and chocolate shavings? Yes please!

Salty Caramel Pretzel

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolaty Covered Pretzel Bits and Salty Caramel Swirl

My daughters favorite for sure! She loves chocolate caramel and pretzels.

Dulce de Leche

Caramel Flavored Ice Cream with Salty Caramel Swirl

Very Cherry Chunk

Vanilla Ice Cream with Cherries and Chocolate Shavings

My husband was all over this one and the I have to admit it was really delicious. The chocolaty chunks were everything!

Vanilla Vogue

Vanilla Ice Cream Flavored with Madagascar Vanilla

This is so wonderful, rich and yummy. Perfect for Apple Pie A La Mode….. yum!

Humble Pie

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls, Chocolate Chunks and Graham Pieces

You had me a Humble Pie! A new favorite flavor for me…. the peanut butter and the chocolaty chunks are amazing! Love it and a new favorite for sure.

Cafe Espresso Chip

Coffee Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks

This is another one of my husbands favorites out of the new Serendipity line of ice creams. The coffee ice cream is spectacular and the chocolate chunks are amazing!

Forbidden Broadway Sundae

Chocolate Flavored Ice Cream with Brownie Pieces and Fudge Swirls

Um…. basically we all fought over this must have I think that everyone will love. My daughter won this battle but I will be getting one for me 🙂 

Birthday Cake

Cake Flavored Ice Cream with Swirls of Pink Frosting, Cake Pieces and Sprinkles

This one was all mine. This flavor has my name written all over it… the cake batter ice cream was amazing and the sprinkles…perfection.

Outrageous Banana Split

Banana Flavored Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls, Walnuts and Strawberries

This one is seriously a banana split in a pint! Wonderful and I think a flavor that everyone will love for sure.

Strawberry Fields Sundae

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries and Cheesecake Pieces

OK… this is my second favorite after Humble Pie. I have always loved strawberry ice cream and this one is amazingly fresh and delicious.

So what do you think of the 11 decadent and delicious flavors of the new Serendipity Ice Cream Pints? Are they not simply delicious looking? Make sure you are on the lookout for them as they are available at stores nationwide including my local grocers, Walgreens and 7-Eleven! Check them out online too and visit them on social media!


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  • Amber Kolb

    Oh. My. Goodness!! These flavors look amazing! I’m totally going to 7-11 tomorrow to pick some up. I had never heard of this brand until today. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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