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Capture Memories in Seconds: A Printed Memories Photo Book Review

It’s safe to say we all have photos of loved ones locked away on our phones. Sometimes we upload them to Instagram and Facebook, assemble them in digital albums or leave them on the feed, and that’s that! It’s time to forget about them.

But what about when we don’t want to forget about them? 

Squinting at our screens isn’t the same as pouring over photo albums. And sure, we can pass a phone around to show off those snaps from last year’s vacation, our children’s first day at school, or that all-important birthday party, but isn’t it a bit awkward gathering around a phone? And doesn’t it feel less personal than gathering around a photo album?

Not only that – technology is unreliable. We’ve all accidentally deleted something we didn’t mean to, and even with backups and auto-saves, sometimes things are still lost forever.

Printed Memories photo book will ensure that you never miss a memory.

The Revelation of Photo Books

Photo books are a revelation when it comes to photo printing. Rather than spending hours sorting through individual photos to put in an album, you simply drop an album into the book creator. It takes fifteen minutes – as opposed to fifteen hours – and suddenly you’ve got all your favorite photos in one place!

Not to mention, photo books are the perfect choice when you store all your photos online. If you’re someone who posts every pic to your feed, photo books are the perfect way for you to transform them from a digital album into a physical keepsake you can cherish forever.

The Revelation of Printed Memories

Printed Memories goes one step further.

What did we say about photo books taking fifteen minutes to build? 

Printed memories will do it in three.

Being a customer-first company, they plan to make the process of protecting your memories as easy as possible. They’ve eliminated any unnecessary time it would take to build a book; there aren’t a thousand confusing options, and the mouse circle doesn’t spin endlessly as you wait for the next page to load. Who has time for that? 

There are only four easy steps to building a Printed Memories photo book:


Connect your social media to the Printed Memories page. It takes less than two seconds; all you have to do is log into your Facebook or Instagram. 

Choose Photos

Is social media not for you? Don’t worry about it – you can also upload your own photos, too!


Short on time? Personalizing your Printed Memories photo book takes less than five minutes. 

Choose from two sizes (small or large), and two different cover types (soft or hard). If you have a bunch of embarrassing photos you don’t want to put into your new keepsake, then don’t worry about it! You can take out the photos you want to hide.


Put your feet up and relax; all the hard work is done. Printed Memories will drop your new photo book off right at your door!

Fill Your Photo Book With Your Most Treasured Memories

They say one photo is worth a thousand words – but how about fifty photos? Or eighty? It doesn’t matter how many photos you want to treasure; there’s room for them all with a Printed Memories photo book. And if you still find yourself running out of space, the wonderful thing about photo books is that you can just purchase another one! Photo books make wonderful keepsakes. It’s more important than ever to treasure the memories you make with your loved ones – and keep making new ones! Fill your book with photos that will bring tears of joy to your eyes and aches of laughter to your tummy.

They’re Keeping Green

We’re all being encouraged to do our bit for the environment, but what does that actually mean? For a lot of us, it means buying sustainably. Printed Memories pride themselves on being a sustainable printing company, and they’re working with Ecologi to make it happen. For every single book they print, they plant a tree. 

With not even a full tree used per book, Printed Memories is giving back more than they’re taking away. This means we can all preserve and print the memories most important to us knowing we’re doing our bit.

You can find out more about Printed Memories via their Instagram or Facebook page.

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  • megan allen

    As I’ve stated a million times before..I am a picture lover!! I love photo books..I think they are special and beautiful! I must check this out!

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