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Luxurious Things to Do in Baltimore

Speaking about Baltimore, you can find many interesting things to do and enjoy life. Nevertheless, if you have enough money and going to make the most of your trip, there are plenty of places you are especially recommended to visit. So, what are your views on visiting Harbor East, where you can find the best city restaurants and waterside views? How about the idea of visiting local galleries and museums? Forget about the popular touristic places you can find in the guidelines. They are always full of people and not often luxury. So, what is the next step?

First of all, if you really want to live like millionaires this weekend, grab your credit card and go to find a place to rent a car. Of course, you need a luxury car for rent. Where to find it? The biggest choice of cars is waiting for you at the airport. Thus, BWI luxury car rental serves dozens of top-rated cars, sedans, and SUV service with flat rates. For pre-order, you can go online and try one of their car rental apps. How do you feel now?

Luxury things to do in Baltimore

Now, it’s time to give a chance to your car to go through paces and explore the best luxury places in Baltimore.


1. IVY Hotel

This hotel is situated in a historic part of Baltimore. Actually, this is a boutique hotel with 18 cozy rooms and high-class service. There is a fireplace in each room, calm, and private. The hotel can boast its restaurant. The hotel bistro, MAGDALENA, is available not only to hotel guests but to everyone who wants to try their smoked butter, roasted duck, and scallops. There are places in the hotel that are available for hotel guests only. Thus, you can visit SPA and relax in an outdoor garden.

2. Michael Mina’s Tavern

Looking for the most comfortable place for dining, pay attention to this modern tavern on the East coast. The food here is comfortable but really luxurious. So, you will never refuse to try tuna tartare or coconut-lobster soup. If you prefer meat to fish, you should try Bourbon Steak burger. What is more, you’ll get not only perfect food but the best stunning views of the harbor.


1. Helicopter tour

There is no better way to travel in Baltimore than by driving a car. If you want to add a bit of luxury to your trip, you can rent a luxury car. If it is not enough for you, you have a chance to take a helicopter tour and observe the city from a bird’s eye view. There are companies in Baltimore offer tours of the Baltimore and Annapolis region. The city tour is the cheapest one and doesn’t take much time. This is your chance to learn more about the city history, see the most beautiful sights, fly over the Key Bridge and more. By the way, by purchasing a VIP package, you get a chance to take a pair tour with your loved one and a romantic dinner somewhere far from the city noise. Don’t worry about your rental car. It will be waiting for you at the parking.

2. Yachting on the bay

Yachts are for rich people only. Looking for luxury activities don’t forget to plan a yacht tour on the Chesapeake Bay. Again, you shouldn’t worry about renting a yacht and planning a tour. There are companies in Baltimore that will do planning for you. All you have to do is relax.

3. Christopher Schafer Shop

This is a special shop for rich people. If you don’t have money to dress up here, you can buy at least a tie. Anyway, this shop offers the best clothes for men in the state. The shop works by appointment only. There is a place to park your rental car and a cozy restroom with free drinks. They provide clients with both the best customer experience and the finest fabric in the world.

4. Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

Everyone likes music. Drive your car to the Symphony Orchestra Hall. This is the best place to listen to music, relax, and enjoy the company of well-dressed and enthusiastic people. Pay attention to the building architecture.

Why rent a luxury car? As a rule, people rent a car for a wedding or any other occasion. Luxury cars are popular for business and holidays. There is an opinion that luxury rental usually takes high money. That’s true, but you can always rent a luxury car hourly or catch sales.

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