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Ensure Any Style Shoe Is Super Comfy By Using Formé Shoe Shapers

I am sure everyone has had it happen to them. You purchase that perfect pair of shoes and the first time you wear them you are wishing that you hadn’t because they hurt so bad. Well recently this happened to me with a new pair of shoes that I purchased and I figured I would probably just avoid wearing them or donate them but that was until I had the chance to give Formé Shoe Shapers a try. I had heard about them being the perfect tool for stretching and shaping your shoes to perfection which is why I decided to give them a go and I am so glad that I did. My shoes are now more comfortable than I could have imagined and they do not cause me any discomfort or pain at all. They are truly like a new pair of shoes and I am now a fan for sure as Formé Shoe Shapers work. 

Formé Shoe Shapers make any shoe feel more comfortable and they are the world’s first high heel shoe shaper which is pretty coo too. Formé’s patented 7 fold technology is clinically proven to relieve footwear pain ultimately providing you with the perfect fit. The Formé wings expand the toe box up to a ½ size, relieving numb and cramped toes. I also love that they prevent wrinkles and creasing in your shoes so that your shoes stay looking new and fabulous PLUS they also help to restore your shoes original heel shoe which means they will gently hug your feet so shoes fit perfectly. No more heel slipping, chafing and blisters which can end up being extremely painful. 

Using the Formé Shoe Shapers is super easy to use. Simply expand the wings on them by pushing the button forward and then slipping the shoe shaper into your shoe. If for some reason the handle will not go down into the heel area of your shoe… the front of the shoe shaper still works without counterforce from the heel area. Simply leave the shoe shapers in your shoes for a few hours and then check the fit. If they need more stretch…simply leave them in like I did, overnight. As an added tip…. shoes with a pointy tip will take longer to stretch and with patent leather shoes… leave the shoe shapers in them overnight and then add time as needed until you get your desired fit. I have used the shapers this way in all of the pairs that I have used them in as it works perfectly.

Formé Shoe Shapers are made to last as they are made of strong, stiff, impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer & stainless steel, but are still super light and perfect for travel. I recommend several pairs as you can use these in your shoes when you are not wearing them and they will keep your shoes perfectly shaped and ready for their next use….keeping them looking like new.

So what do you think of the Formé Shoe Shapers? Are you like me and have issues with some of your shoes hurting after a bit of wear? Maybe they are a bit too snug? Then get your own set of Formé Shoe Shapers as they work perfectly. I used them in my Vans, my Suede Loafers and my Leather Ankle Boots and the results were perfection. All three pairs fit perfectly and I can wear them all day long with no pain and no issues whatsoever which was not the case before. I highly recommend and they make a fabulous gift option too. Check out Formé Shoe Shapers online and on social media today. 


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