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Slip and Fall at the Bar? When Date Night Turns to Disaster

Each year in America, over a million people receive injuries from a fall according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). A fall is an event that results in a person coming to rest on the ground or floor. Typically, these incidents can yield head, neck and back, and limb injuries. Over 17,000 people die because of slip, trip, or fall injuries each year. As a result, falling, slipping, or tripping is the second leading cause of accidental deaths after motor vehicle accidents. Though not all falls may be this serious, even the smallest fall can cause more damage than expected.

Who Is the Most At-Risk for Slip and Fall Injuries?

The vast majority of serious falls occur to adults over the age of sixty, though any active adult can be injured. Most falls seem to happen in the home but are still a possibility at any location. When the accident takes place outside of the home, the injured person may have to question who is responsible for the injury. All establishments are required to have preventative measures in place to avoid possible injury to their patrons. In winter, the chance of falls increases due to inclement weather and poor walking conditions. A slip and fall attorney can help navigate responsibility if it is in question.

What Safety Requirements Does a Bar Have to Maintain?

All establishments must have the safety in mind of their patrons at all times. To achieve this, they must keep a few of these basics in mind to avoid accidents such as:

·   Overcrowding; every establishment has a set capacity that can be in the building set by city or county regulations

·   Failing to inspect the property for damage or cleanliness

·   Inadequate lighting to properly see where to walk

·   Improper security for providing enough employees to ensure that situations can be assessed and taken care of in a timely manner

·   Having the proper signage to provide warning of any hazards that could cause an injury to patrons, as spills and wet floors are a common cause for slip and falls among unaware patrons.

If an injury occurs at a bar or other establishment and may have resulted from the failure to maintain these regulations, an injury lawyer may be able to help victims recover damages.

Why Should Establishments Work to Maintain These Safety Measures?

Slip and fall accidents can be more serious than people realize, causing broken bones and head injuries. Over 800,000 slips and falls create hospitalization, and accidents of this variety are the third most common personal injury claim for lawsuits. It is important for both the patron and the business owners to know what steps should be taken to ensure safety. With a good prevention plan in place, the risk of slips and falls can be reduced and the question of liability should be clear. Accidents do happen, especially when alcohol is involved, so depending on proof of fault it could be the bar that has to pay medical costs. Taking extra precautions protects patrons and business owners alike.

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