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5 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Closet

Everyone’s sense of style is different, and no two closets are filled the same. You might prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt instead of skirts and dresses, for example. Or maybe a slick designer suit over more casual attire is more your cup of tea. No matter what kind of fashion you’re into, everyone needs to have these 5 things to hand. 

1.   Smart Wear

You don’t have to work in an office to have smart clothing in your closet. Everyone should have one or two formal outfits for when the occasion calls for it. For instance, this could be for an interview for a new job. You might not be entirely comfortable wearing this kind of clothing on a regular basis, but every now and again, you’ll need to smarten up. 

2.   Casual Attire

Of course, jeans, t-shirts and even sweatpants might make the cut for what you wear in your leisure time. But for those who want to look a little more chic, there are plenty of other options. A casual tea-dress achieves a laid-back look, but doesn’t appear too shabby. Or if dresses aren’t your thing, consider a nice shirt or blouse. These would look great with a pair of women’s white leather pants for a smart-casual style. 

3.   Party Wear

Unlike smart clothing, party styles are more fun and glamorous. There are likely to be numerous occasions in which you’re required to dress up a little for a friend’s birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration, to name a few. For those that prefer a more feminine touch to their style, there are numerous dresses to choose from. 

Varying in length, you can decide which best suits you — a cocktail dress or a floor-length gown. Alternatively, there are some incredibly slick and fashionable suit options for those who aren’t into skirts. Whatever you prefer, make sure you have something sophisticated and suave in your closet to impress at the next party.

4.   Accessories

Every outfit will be in need of enhancing every now and again. A good collection of accessories is incredibly useful to have at hand to help enhance your clothes. They’re also great for those on a budget, as adding these items to your outfit can help breathe new life into an old blouse, dress or t-shirt. This saves you from feeling as though you have to head to the mall every time you fancy a change. Hats, scarves, jewelery and belts are all good additions to have in your closet. 

5.   Shoes 

These are a necessity of course, but having the right type of shoes that match what you’re wearing is important to your style, too. Casual sneakers like the yeezy 700 v3 adidas or pumps will work for every day use, but smarter heels or brogues are better suited for office attire or formal events. The latter could even be used for more relaxed looks, too. 

There’s a whole world of fashion out there, with something for everyone. These are just a few basic things that everyone should have in their closets for each occasion. 

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