Enjoy Easy Back To School Meal Solutions From Tyson & Sam’s Club #BTSAtSamsClub

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Enjoy Easy Back To School Meal Solutions From Tyson & Sam’s Club #BTSAtSamsClub

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Back to School is in full swing and my kids are going back next week which is sad and exciting all at the same time. We are pretty much ready as we have gotten everything that we need for the kids to go Back to School and that includes making sure that I have plenty of easy meal solutions for both breakfast and after school snacks. Breakfast is for sure the most important meal of the day during the school season as the kids need to make sure they have the fuel they need to learn and to succeed. With Jimmy Dean® Frozen Breakfast items & State Fair® Corn Dogs available in the freezer section at Sam’s Club… I can feed my kids potential with protein anytime of the day!

I mentioned above that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is especially true for the kiddos when they are going to school to learn. They need all of the protein packed goodness that they can get to ensure that they have the fuel to help make it through their day and one of my kids favorite on the go breakfasts are Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage On A Stick

The Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage On A Stick are so delicious and satisfying and I love that I can stock up by purchasing them at my local Sam’s Club which is super convenient. Sam’s Club also has the Jimmy Dean Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage On A Stick and I will be picking those up the next time I go to add a bit of variety as I am sure that the inclusion of delicious blueberries in the pancake batter is everything.

A delicious and convenient after school snack option is also very important in my household as my kids always come home starving. All of that learning must take it out of them because sometimes it seems that they must have not eaten all day long….LOL. State Fair Corn Dogs are the perfect solution as my kids absolutely love them and I do too. 

State Fair Corn Dogs are the perfect quick snack, lunch or meal solution and they are super easy to make. You simply pop them in the microwave for 50 to 55 seconds and enjoy a delicious & satisfying protein packed snack and/or lunch. I always stock up on them at Sam’s Club in their freezer section, because the club size packages make preparing for Back to School super easy and convenient which I am all about.

Sam’s Club is my go to for everything and anything that my family needs and that includes State Fair Corn Dogs and Jimmy Dean Frozen Breakfast items for the back to school season. Being a Sam’s Club member is everything to me as I love the convenience and savings that they provide. Right now, be on the lookout in your mail for the Valpak blue envelope which contains special offers for Sam’s Club Members!

Not a Sam’s Club Member yet? Take advantage of this amazing offer in which you will get a $20 Gift Card when you sign up for a $45 Sam’s Club Annual Membership! How awesome is that!?!?

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23 Replies to “Enjoy Easy Back To School Meal Solutions From Tyson & Sam’s Club #BTSAtSamsClub”

  1. Every post you create brings delicious thoughts. You do a great job putting all the visuals together. The message you share is compelling.

  2. I have never tried the pancake and sausage ones. I am going to give them a try!

  3. i wish i could like the corn dogs but the kid might like them but not breakfast that is differnt the kid leave early to school

  4. We have only been back to school for a few weeks, and our schedules are so busy already! It is nice to have some easy meal options for our busy nights.

  5. i love sams club and wish there was one closer. corn dogs are a favorite here.

  6. Awesome easy Back To School Meal Solutions From Tyson & Sam’s Club. It’s great to not have to worry about the kids food.

  7. Mm this looks so yummy!

  8. My sister in law has 5 boys from kindergarten to fifth grade. I am definitely passing this along to her. Thanks!

  9. What a fun breakfast idea for kids! I like that it is quick, we will have to try these!

  10. We love Jimmy Dean and State Fair products they’re perfect for quick meals especially for busy school days!

  11. I don’t think I could get my boys to eat these so early in the morning. I do think they would enjoy these as an after school snack. We will have to pick some up the next time we go shopping.

  12. Corn dogs are a good source of protein and I am happy that since these are the frozen varieties , you have added fresh berries to increase the nutritional content of this meal.

  13. The large quantity in each box makes them great options for kids and parents, as the chaos that is back-to-school begins

    1. They are amazing for the kids, especially on the busy school mornings 🙂

  14. My father likes these pancakes on sticks! LOL My kids like corndogs. I have to check out these items at Sam’s. Thanks!

  15. Its size is just too adorable not to eat. A perfect meal for cute kids really! Wahaha! Fits them perfectly.

  16. My family loves Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage and all of State Fair products. My son can eat a lot of corn dogs and pancakes and sausage on the stick. It seems he loves eating his food on a stick. I’m okay with it sense he’s getting protein especially before school in the mornings!

    1. That is me too… they make it super easy to make sure they eat something before school. The Blueberry pancakes and sausage on a stick are my favorite 🙂

  17. I am laughing because I remember eating pancake sausage dogs as a kid for breakfast. Great deals at Sams!

    1. Me too! I love the combo 🙂

  18. Ah the days when we used to do corn dogs. I’m not sure she would ever be interested in taking them to school though. She was kind of a snob about mostly just eating the ones from restaurants. Ah well!

  19. Amazing easy Back To School Meal Solutions. looks yummy, thanks for the ideas.

  20. Love the meal shown there.

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