A Guide to Making a Holiday and Getting Your Teeth Done at the Same Time

Medical tourism to Turkey: a British trend

Having a stunning smile could mean the difference between causing a good or a bad impression. If you care about your dental hygiene & oral health you should visit a dentist at least once a year.

But having a stunning smile can sometimes get very expensive. These days its getting harder and harder to be able to afford some treatments.

Recently I found out about a trend: going on holidays to Turkey to get treated by highly qualified professionals. And it pays off: treatments are about 25% of the cost in the U.K. Here are the details…

It turns out that Turkey has become one of the top countries for medical tourism. The Turkish government have been pushing the growth and modernization of the health sector, and have succeeded so far.

Now they have some of the best clinics as they have specialized centers with the highest professionals and the best-equipped facilities.

Veneers in Turkey

When I found out I started planning out my trip. I need a visa (in this case an eVisa), which is only about £20 and it’s good to stay 3 months within 6 months. That’s so easy!

After some research, I found a medical travel group registered in the U.K. and Turkey, with internationally certified surgeons at best in class clinics in Turkey.

I’m planning to buy a veneers package from them, a porcelain cover in front of each one of your teeth. They are made to size and makes seem whiter and with a perfect shape.

Another advantage of this coating is that it allows you to eat normally, just as you did before, which means the quality of life. They are similar to crowns only that veneers only cover the front while the others cover the entire tooth. But if you are thinking of getting a veneers Turkey package you may want to visit their website and get further information.

Their treatments take place in Izmir and Istanbul, I’m choosing Izmir since I’m not so keen on visiting Istanbul just yet, plus the fact that the weather isn’t as hot.

By the time I arrive in Izmir, I will already have all of my treatments booked, so I can manage my time appropriately and have most visits planned in advance. They take care of everything for me.

Like your regular travel agent, they make the arrangements for the hotels, plus all the doctors appointments and transfers. Their customer service is fantastic, from the very moment I contacted them they were so helpful. As crazy as it sounds: I actually look forward to having this experience!

The procedure takes two sessions of 2 to 3 hours each. The whole thing is painless since they give you local anaesthesia and the fact that they’re so professional, always made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I’m getting my veneers done in Turkey, but it’s also a great opportunity to have a lovely holiday. There is plenty of things to see and do while reinventing your teeth.

There is plenty of historical sites, even on seaside resorts along it’s Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea coasts. Bear in mind that it’s warm even in September, especially Izmir, so plan accordingly.

This kind of tourism is becoming more and more important for the economy of the country. I would encourage to go to Turkey as soon as possible to anyone who needs veneers like me.

While I look forward to visiting the Kemeraltı Bazaar and getting lost in there or going to the Ephesus to see the Temple of Artemis, I also can’t wait to get my treatments and look even more gorgeous. Who is going to resist?

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