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Glucosamine for Dogs– An Effective Way to Treat Canine Arthritis

We love our furry pals and this informs our motivation to always look out for them. To effectively do so, we actively search for meals, products, and treatments that contribute to their wellbeing.

For many experienced dog parents with aging pets, the subject of arthritis is not new. This is even more common among large-sized dogs. But have you ever wondered why this is the case?

Why Is Arthritis a Problem with Aging Canines?

As a dog ages, the immune system and some vital parts begin to experience a decline. This is a general effect of the wear and tear caused by the consistent use of these parts. This is what results in arthritis. It is not only peculiar to dogs, as humans and many other living organisms experience this.

To keep your pet physically and mentally at an optimal level, you should be committed to feeding it appropriately. At some point, you may need to seek professional advice and ultimately use the right treatment.

Talking about the right treatment, this article will be discussing one medication used to treating arthritis in dogs.

The exciting thing about this treatment is that it is generally compatible with all breeds, age, and size of dogs. It also presents minimal side effects compared to many other options available. This is primarily because it is administered a nutraceutical.

The treatment we will be focusing on is canine glucosamine.

What Is Glucosamine?

Except in rare situations, glucosamine is a drug administered as a supplement. It contains organic chemical properties that help the cartilages around the joint to heal while preventing further degradation.

The cartilage is a particularly important tissue that allows ease in mobility. It is found at the ends of the bones. It has elastic but strong features that prevent the bones from rubbing against each other. When the cartilages begin to wear off, health complications such as arthritis result.

As earlier explained, glucosamine contains helpful organic properties that prevent the degradation of the cartilages around the joints while also improving their capacity to play their crucial role.

Is Glucosamine Safe for Your Pet?

For the most part, the ingredients used to produce this drug are safe for canine consumption. This is because they are organic. The fact also that they are administered as food supplements with huge medicinal properties contributes to this.

However, you should be particular about purchasing your product from the right brand and source. For instance, it has been reported that some brands add a large amount of synthetic items to their product.

To ensure the safety of your pet, pay keen attention to the brand and any other sources you get your supply from. Seeking the advice of your veterinarian can be immensely helpful with this.

How Effective Is Glucosamine?

The potency of glucosamine is not in doubt. Reports from users and other reliable sources state that this drug helps deal with arthritis. Furthermore, it does not only heal the condition but helps deal with the pain and inflammation.

However, this drug is not designed to act solely. It is just a supplement that should ideally be used alongside other treatment options.

How is Glucosamine Administered?

Generally, these drugs are nutraceuticals. This means they are administered as meals with a large number of medicinal properties. On that note, these drugs can be taken as pills, tablets, powder, as well as in liquid form.

Is it Right for All Dogs?

As stated earlier in the article, these drugs are effective and mostly safe. They can also be used for almost all kinds of dogs. This is regardless of the breed, size, age, and activity level.

However, some things should be considered before using these arthritis-combating drugs. Let us briefly go over some of the things to consider.

Professional Counsel

As much as you love your dog, there are areas concerning its wellbeing where you are in the dark. To ensure that your pet will be fine with these products, you should always seek the professional advice of your veterinarian.

This will help ensure the drug is ideal for your dog and that you are administering the right dose. For more on the subject of glucosamine dosage, you can click here.

The Possibility of Allergic Reactions

Although glucosamine is made with lots of organic items, some dogs have sensitive stomachs. Some react badly to items such as shellfish: an ingredient that is commonly used in this drug.

So, you should be very observant, especially in the early stages of administering the treatment. Check for signs such as skin irritation, insomnia, and other irregularities.

Your Budget

First, you should know that this drug is not designed to be used alone. It is to be used alongside other drugs. This means extra spending.

Aside from the need to use another drug, the cost of these drugs is generally a turnoff for many. Effective treatment can run into hundreds and even thousands of dollars in no time. In simple terms, it is far from the most cost-effective option.

This has made a lot of dog parents to resort to other options. You can visit: https://pethempcompany.com/blogs/medications/glucosamine-for-dogs-side-effects-alternatives to check out what options you may have.

On a Final Note

For those dog parents with canines battling arthritis, you have been provided a proven and tested lifeline here. With this product, the pain and inabilities your dog faces can become a thing of the past.

All you need to do is get this medication and start your furry pal on its ways to recovery.

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