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Empower Your Kids To Be Environmentally Friendly With SodaStream! @SodaStreamUSA @SMGurusNetwork

Empower Your Kids To Be Environmentally Friendly With SodaStream! @SodaStreamUSA @SMGurusNetwork

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It is no secret to any of us that there is a real problem with the consumption of plastics and the impact that it is having on our planet and the environment. We see and hear about it each and every day in some form and it is a real problem that needs to be solved for our ourselves, our children and our children’s children… and well you get the point. I have posted about this issue many times before but am super excited to share SodaStream with you all and their important push to help save the world from plastic bottles and how we can empower our children to be environmentally friendly by using SodaStream and their line of multi sized re-useable bottles…..which are just perfect for the kiddos to take to school versus the traditional plastic bottles that are tossed in the trash each and every day.  



I love my SodaStream One Touch and have picked up some of their .5L Slim Black Carbonating Bottles which are just perfect for my kids to take with them to school as they are the perfect size. I can create their favorite flavored or unflavored SodaStream beverage and send them off with these fabulous bottles plus the best part is the process teaches them and makes them aware of the importance of utilizing re-useable bottles as it helps to eliminate adding plastics to the trash which is no good for our planet and the environment. It is important that we empower our children with the tools and knowledge that they need to make a better world for themselves and beyond and SodaStream has done just that with their handy machines and line of re-useable beverage bottles in multiple sizes, colors and designs.



If you have a SodaStream and you have kids then you need to make sure to pick up a few of the SodaStream .5L Slim Carbonating Bottles as they are the perfect size for on-the-go  and a great product for your kids to use for school and after school activities. They are extra carbonating bottles for SodaStream Sparkling Water Makers and they come with a hermetically sealing cap that helps to keep your sparkling water fresh longer than competitive carbonated beverages and they are better than recycling because each multi use bottle can save over 3,700 single-use plastic bottles or cans! How awesome is that?



Remember that it is so very important to inform people of all ages about easy ways to become environmentally friendly and an easy way to get started is to begin packing SodaStream half-litre carbonating bottles into kids’ lunches instead of single-use plastic bottles. Not only are SodaStream bottles reusable, but the sustainable SodaStream machine can help the average household save up to 3,700 single-use plastic bottles and cans from entering the waste stream. SodaStream can be enjoyed by the whole family, replacing the cost of buying single-use plastic bottles and even conventional sodas.

So what do you think? Are you a SodaStream owner or would you love to be? Are you always looking for ways to eliminate the use of plastics? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment below… and make sure you check out SodaStream for yourself and check them out on social media too!

And do not forget that the Holidays are upon us and the SodaStream One Touch makes a fabulous gift! 


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