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Driving School vs. Driving Lessons: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to driving schools and driving lessons, you may feel as though they are actually the same thing.  However, this is actually not going to be true at all.  In fact, driving schools and driving lessons are actually going to be quite different from each other, both of them having pros and cons.  Here are the main differences when it comes to driving schools and driving lessons.

Size of the Group

When it comes to driving school, you are normally going to be in a larger group setting.  What this means, is that everything you do is going to be tailored towards the success of the group as a whole.  

Driving lessons on the other hand, are going to provide you with a more one-on-one approach, allowing you to get the help that you require in a specific area of driving.  For example, if you are having trouble with parking, you can then spend more time practicing parking.  But since driving school is going to have more people in it, there is not going to be as much time for you to dedicate to practicing one particular aspect of driving.


A driving school, like Click2drive – Santa Clarita, is going to be just that, a school that is going to help you learn to drive.  This means that you will need to report to that particular campus throughout the duration of your program there.  There is no flexibility and rescheduling one of the days that you have to miss for whatever reason, is going to be practically impossible.  This is because most driving schools are going to follow a pre-set schedule that teaches a pre-determined curriculum.  

On the other hand, a driving lesson is going to be completely different.  With a driving lesson, you are more than likely going to have the option to be picked up by your instructor from your home (not all driving lessons are going to have this included, so be sure to check with your potential driving instructor prior to actually setting anything up if this is something that you are going to want), at a time that you have worked out with them.  A driving lesson is going to have much more flexibility, meaning that it is going to be much more convenient as well. 

Practice Makes Perfect

 With a driving school, you are not going to be getting any kind of advanced driving practice, or even highway practice for that matter.  Since everything is going to be done on the driving school’s campus, you will not be allowed to leave it.

With driving lessons, depending upon what the instructor and you feel you need to work on, you will get to practice the more advanced parts of driving.  This means that you will get to practice driving on the highway, as well as difficult intersections, parallel parking, 3-point turns, etc.  

When it comes to driving school and driving lessons, they are going to be two very different things.  Just decide which option is best for you and you will have no problem learning how to drive.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I think, for me, driving lessons sound better. Still, I’m guessing that the one on one approach they offer are more expensive, so that definitely would enter the equation for me.

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