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Do You Know What Is In Your Drinking Water? EnviroTestKits Can Tell You! @EnviroTestKits @SMGurusNetwork

Do You Know What Is In Your Drinking Water? EnviroTestKits Can Tell You! @EnviroTestKits @SMGurusNetwork

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It is no secret that we need to be diligent in ensuring that our tap water is safe for our families to consume. After some of the nightmare situations we have heard of in the news in recent years…. such as the issues with extreme levels of lead being found in Flint, Michigan….. it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your family are safe from harmful contaminants and bacteria that are found in your homes drinking water. That is why I am loving the services that EnviroTestKits provides to consumers. I used their Safe Home® “SELECT” Water Quality Test Kit to test my families drinking water and cannot wait to share the results with you all. Plus… the process is super easy to complete and to ultimately ensure that your families drinking water source is safe for all to use. Check it out for yourself!



I love that EnviroTestKits are proudly made in the USA and that they are the perfect way to ensure that your water supply is safe for consumption and usage. You may be wondering why you should use an EnviroTestKit Safe Home Test Kit to begin with…..  but basically it for my personal piece of mind. I simply want to ensure that my family and I are safe…. and that includes my furry BFF’s as well. I used the Safe Home® “SELECT” water testing kit from EnviroTestKits as it covered everything that I needed. This test is the perfect choice for me as it tests for Tests 15 Contaminants that we should all ensure are not an issue in our families and homes water supply. The kit also comes with a (DIY) Bacteria Test which you can do on your own at home. The Safe Home® “SELECT” water testing kit looks for…….

Testing Includes:

(4 In-Organics) – Nitrate/Nitrite, Fluoride, Chloride

(3 Physical Properties) – Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, pH

(8 Toxic Metals) – Arsenic, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese.

So the process is easy…… simply order your test kit from EnviroTestKits. They have many to choose from… from the most basic up to the most advanced. Definitely choose the test that fits your budget but ensure that you are checking for as many contaminants as possible to ensure that your family has a safe and healthy drinking water supply to use each and every day. That is the whole point to begin with so order what you need. Here are some options….



Once you have ordered your test of choice…. you will receive it quickly. Once you receive your testing kit in the mail make sure that you read and follow all instructions to ensure accuracy. You must register your testing kit online before shipping it off for testing and then you simply send in your samples via the pre-paid shipping box. Within 7 to 10 business days you will have your results emailed to you from EnviroTestKits. Also keep in mind that your results will be provided from an EPA Certified Laboratory which guarantees that your drinking water meets Federal EPA Guidelines and is safe for your family.


I am going to show you my results next…. but rest assured that if contaminants are found in your water supply…. EnviroTestKits Safe Home® team offers resources that may provide solutions to your contaminant problems. So they will tell you what the issues are, if there are any, as well as how to fix them. I just loved that they provide that service in addition to doing a fabulous job at testing your families drinking water supply. Lets face it…. it is a huge deal as high levels of contaminants can cause damage to organs such as your brain, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Some damage can even cause complete “organ shut-down”. EnviroTestKits scientists have over 150 years of combined experience and have performed over 2,000,000 drinking water tests since 1982….. so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

My Homes EnviroTestKit Safe Home “SELECT” Results Are In…..

This Is A Guide For Understanding Your Homes Water Test Results

This Is My Homes Drinking Water Test Results:

As you can see my results are not horrible and not all around great either. I am happy that my homes drinking water supply contains no “red signs” which signal that the concentration of the contaminant “in question” is higher than the EPA’s Maximum Contamination Level and which would leave you with reason to worry. I am going to reach out to EnviroTestKits now to see what I need to do or what I can do to with lowering my drinking waters levels of copper, iron, and others that have reached the yellow flag status. It is minimal detection…. but still if I can do something to make it even better…. I will. I will keep you informed and let you know how it goes. I also have not yet used my Bacteria DIY testing kit… but will come back and update the results for you and let you know how it went. Fingers crossed…. no issues there. 

The EnviroTestKit Safe Home® “SELECT” Kit Provides:

• Laboratory Certified Testing for 15 contaminants: A set of Water Quality Test Vials is inside of each package. They also provide you with a Return Mailer, FREE! They make testing for this basic group of contaminants easy. Your EPA Certified Lab Testing is paid for, with your price of purchase. Fill the vials with your water sample, fill-out the paper-work, place these items in the Free Return Mailer, drop it in your mailbox and receive your report by email. It’s that simple!

• Includes FREE Do-It-Yourself, Bacteria in Water Test Vial: You conduct this test yourself (Total Coliform and E. coli) in the comfort of your own home. All drinking water test kits are not created equal. When you buy from EnviroTestKits®, you are purchasing the very best value in accuracy and dependability for your family’s drinking water safety. This test kit is safe, easy to use and provides accurate results in 24 hours*. (*Speed of results may very.)

So what are your thoughts? Would You Like To Test Your Families Drinking Water Supply As Well? Check Out EnviroTestKits Today And Visit Them On Social Media As Well!


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  • Lauryn R

    This is awesome! I wish that I had one of these growing up with my dad. He insisted that our tap water was fine, but I thought it tasted like dirt. I do not drink the tap water even now where I live, but it would be really interesting to see what it contains! It gets pretty bad here in Texas, especially at the end of the summer.

  • Sue E

    I have always shuttered to think what is in our water, ever since I saw the movie Erin Brockovich! This is a great way to check our water! I still shutter that after the test is completed, that nothing will be done!! And the ironic part to all this is, we pay for our water every month, and it is supposed to be clean. I really don’t think I want to know at this point in my life – I am over 60. The damage is probably already done. I’d love to do something to help the family and others!!

  • Denise B.

    This would be good for the water where we live! We have mineral residue on our plastic things in the dishwasher.

  • kate g

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like this for everything we eat and drink? With all the chemicals used in just about everything now, we won’t know for years the effects on our bodies.

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