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5 Savvy Reward Ideas to Inspire and Motivate Your Kids

Kids have so much on their mind and so much that they want to do throughout the day as they explore their world. When your children would rather not clean up their toys, finish their homework, or get ready for bed, you can tap into these 5 savvy reward ideas to inspire and motivate your kids to do their daily chores and responsibilities. 

1. Have Your Child Pick a Fun Outing Once a Month

Whether you choose to do it once a month or once every couple weeks, have your child pick a fun outing to do. Make it so that the outing only happens if he or she completes all their chores and homework within your specified time frame. Pick a day that works for the whole family, so everyone can attend. 

Make it more interesting and surprising for your child by having him or her pick from a jar of outing ideas when it’s time to plan the event. Ideas to write or type on slips of paper include: 

*Go to the local community park.

*Have a picnic.

*Visit an amusement or water park.

*Spend the day at the museum.

*Go to an aquarium.

2. Use a Behavior Sticker Chart for Your Kids to Earn Cash

Go to your local store to pick up behavior sticker charts or make a chart yourself. Pick a theme for the chart on how stickers will be earned. This could be good behavior, good choices, or good helper just to name a few examples. 

Once your child fills up all behavior chart slots with stickers, reward him or her with a monetary amount of your choice. For each reward given, choose whether you will allow your child to spend this money on their choice of a toy or snack, or if you want it to be put into a piggy bank or savings account. 

3. One Night to Stay Up Late

Allow your child to stay up an hour or two past his or her bedtime once a week on a weekend night that you choose. It’ll allow your child more free time beyond when it’s usually time for bed. Only reward this if your child has behaved well the entire week. 

4. Now Hiring!

Have your child earn their allowance in a fun way. Post “jobs” on the kitchen fridge listed with a payout. Maybe take out the trash for $1 or tidy up the living room for 50 cents. Put a cap on daily earnings, so that your child can earn their whole allotted allowance within a week by earning the daily maximum amount. This will teach your child to work hard for a reward. 

5. Child’s Pick from a Treat Cabinet

Once a week, have your child pick a sweet or salty snack from a treat cabinet or drawer in your home. This should only be done if he or she has been displaying good behavior throughout that time period. It can be eaten for dessert on Saturday night. Check out online shops like The Lolli Shop for your sweet rewards stockpile. 

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