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Pay As You Go Is Making A Comeback

The humble pay as you go phone has made many put an end to the festive favors that relate to upgrading the mobile contract to a higher tariff. This is always the case when it comes to the Holiday Season as well as festivals throughout the year. This news is not so appealing to the ears of those people who acquired the PAYG as their first phone. Who would really want to go back to paying double for text, watching their credit getting used up over minutes, the bundles going down every time you log in to the internet, not forgetting the cheap phone?

Well times change and deals change as well which is why pay as you go bundles just like the other contract phones…. now offer the same kind of calls, texts, and data limits. Going contract-free with PAYG is definitely a step up to a financial benefit solution. It comes with an advantage to those people who felt that they are using less than the data limit they are paying for. This solution will help people have more control over their bills anytime of the year.d

Connection made so easy

The Christmas period is, of course, the best time to connect with your loved ones. With PAYG, you can rest assured that you will not over spend when using your phone. You will be able to connect to your family and friends no matter where they are as soon as the phone is out of its original packaging.

You do not need to stay away from the mobile service provider once the contract ends. Stay with them and downgrade to a lower tariff holding on to the same old handset. With PAYG, it is easier to get a second phone from them and still pay less for both handsets combined. This is cheaper than the cost of the average monthly fee you can use to upgrade to new phone. You can check on the best PAYG handset deals from compare my mobile periodically and keep in mind that being financially aware does not mean you have to settle for an outdated phone…that is not the case at all. This is something that the phone providers have realized this and have now begun offering a wider range of phones to suit everyones tastes and style.

Old Fashioned way made a lot better

The old pay per call, data or text usage is still in existence… but now cheaper and better to use for occasional use, or as an emergency backup. The pay as you go bundle comes with a rolling contract which is now the best option to go for. You can purchase minutes, texts, and data for a month then renew them as soon as they are over. The PAYG handsets support their PAYG SIM only which means you need not worry as the PAYG SIM can be used in any other type of unlocked phones. This gives you the freedom of using your favorite phone, with any provider, and in some cases even keep your old phone number. You simply purchase the SIM without having to sign up for lengthy contracts and you can get the latest and greatest SIM only phones from compare my mobile as soon as you need one.

Other mobile providers like Vodafone are going the extra mile to differentiate their PAYG offer from the traditional ones. They allow their customers to pay for their usage per day and enjoy their free offer for the rest of the day until midnight. It is clear that PAYG is making a major comeback to both new and existing users with its Christmas deals and offers. It is working its way up towards becoming one of the most fashionable but less costly mobile solutions during the festivities.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This is actually a smart idea as long as you don’t have to use a phone for work. I could benefit from this though.

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