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Helpful Tips for a Low-Maintenance Family Home

Whether you’re planning on moving to a new house or improving your current property, there are many benefits to making your home as low-maintenance as possible. Spending every weekend carrying out household chores can get in the way of having quality family time; therefore, it’s good to be aware of some of the best ways to make your home near enough maintenance-free. 

Think about the long term when it comes to making changes to your home – especially if you’re planning on remaining in the property for the foreseeable future. While smaller properties are much easier to take care of, there are several tactics to keep in mind that can make homes of any size low maintenance. 


It can be difficult to get rid of objects you’ve had for years; however, de-cluttering regularly means you’ll have fewer things to arrange and dust. Everyone has some junk lying around the house, but you may just have ignored it for too long. To limit the amount of mess in each room, think about what you use regularly and what you haven’t used for years, creating a ‘get rid’ pile of the objects you don’t mind parting with. You could either throw these away if they’re unusable by engaging a rubbish removal service or donate them to charity. 


Are you tired of having to mow and water the lawn on a weekly basis? If so, these tasks can be cut out of your domestic chores once and for all by investing in artificial grass installation in Seattle. Front lawns require even more maintenance than the backyard, as untidiness will not only upset fussy neighbors but also impacts your curb appeal. 

When it comes to plants, choose those that are suited to your regional climate and soil type, as they’ll demand much less of your time. If you need some guidance on which plants to choose, you could ask the advice of a local nursery. 

Hardwood flooring

Carpet is traditionally the most popular flooring type in the family home, as it’s inexpensive and comfortable underfoot; however, it is extremely difficult to keep clean – especially if you have pets or young children. Pet hair can become embedded within the fibers, making it difficult to vacuum, and spillages are a common occurrence when you have youngsters, which means stains are a high likelihood. While it may be slightly more expensive, hardwood flooring is a more convenient option, as it requires far less maintenance: it’s easier to clean and is much more resilient. 

Durable materials

By spending a little bit more on fixtures and fittings, you can save money on maintenance costs in the long term. Materials such as granite and wood are guaranteed to last for years to come, meaning you’re less likely to have to fork out on replacements. 

When planning on carrying out a painting job, always ensure that you are using the appropriate paint for the surface and take on the relevant preparation work, such as priming before the undercoat application. In doing so, you’ll reduce the need to re-paint the home regularly, which will save you both time and money. 

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