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Check Out My Savvy Review Of The iHood Women’s All Weather Heated Jacket

If you live in the Northeast like myself, or anywhere in the country where the temperatures are dropping, you know the importance of dressing properly so that you stay warm and dry all day long, especially when you have to work or play outdoors. I recently had the chance to check out an iHood Women’s Heated Jacket with a 12V QC3.0 Battery and I am so very glad that I did. I have never had the pleasure of owning a heated jacket before and now I am kicking myself as I did not realize what I was missing. Technology has come a long way and iHood now makes the most amazing of heated apparel items to suit any lifestyle and their heated jackets are everything plus they’re the warmest heated jackets on the market at 158°F! Let’s take a look at the features of the jacket and why it’s a must-have for anyone living in colder climates but first let me tell you a bit about iHood……

iHood is a heated clothing manufacturer headquartered in the USA, in California and with offices around the world. The founder and CEO, Mary Lou, is a lifelong outdoor fanatic who loves winter sports but that hates wearing bulky clothes and having cold hands and feet. That is the reason she brought together the brightest minds in the industry to do research and to strive and design the best heated apparel on the market. Their one and only mission is to provide their customers with warmth and comfort. Maybe you work outdoors, like to ski or hike in the winter, or maybe you just want to stay warm and toasty while walking your dog in the cold winter months…. iHood understands and that is why they design their fabulous, high quality heated apparel products that you can wear anywhere and that you can control in terms of how much warmth you want and more. Let’s take a look at the jacket I received and why I will be buying a mens version for my husband this Christmas!

ALL-AREA Heating System

iHood’s All-Weather Heated Jacket comes with an ALL-AREA Heating System that provides heat where and whenever you need it. Thanks to the coats 3-zone control system, you can always control which parts of the jacket needs more heat and supply it within seconds. You simply push the buttons on the control pad to control the heat levels for each section and you can turn them on and off as you choose too. This fabulous coat comes with a 52Wh QC3.0 battery that only takes 3 seconds to heat up and with a maximum temperature of 158°F, the iHood Heated Jacket is the warmest jacket on the market.

3 Heating Areas With A Total Of 6 Heating Elements

The iHood Women’s Heated Jacket is made for harsh, cold weather and this stylish heated jacket combines full winter performance with a distinctive modern aesthetic. It does this perfectly by providing heat to your bodies three core area’s, where you need it and want it the most. The radiant heat technology and the 12V battery pack delver consistent heating power ~ no matter the temperature outdoors. You can enjoy heat in your left and right waist area, left and right chest area, collar/neck area and mid-back area for the ultimate in warmth!

Waterproof, Wind and Scrape Resistant

The iHood Women’s All-Weather Machine-Washable Heated Jacket helps to keep you toasty warm all while being water, wind and scrape resistant. It looks really good on and I enjoy wearing it when running errands, shopping, running to doctors appointments and anywhere in all honesty as it looks stylish and sporty. Add to that the fabulous sealed seams that ensures 100% waterproofing for the shell and then the harden brim design of the hood that keeps rain and snow out and it is the perfect coat for anyone living in a cold region of the country. This jacket from iHood is available in styles for both men and women and it’s perfect for whatever fall and winter activities you throw its way. Think walking your dog, skiing, skating, hiking, fishing, camping, or just your everyday commute in the colder months of the year.

Light-Off Function

This jackets comes with a light-off function that makes you less likely to be seen at night when doing night time activities such as hunting, etc. You usually want to be inconspicuous during events like these and the iHood helps you to do just that.

Perfect Chest, Back & Neck Heating

The iHood All Weather Heated Jacket For Women comes with 3 independent switches that control the different heat zones and 1 light switch. With this control panel you can control which parts of the jacket have more or less heat and control the levels of heat too…. high, medium or low heat levels. I love that they have thought to include the light-off function as well as it will make you less likely to be exposed during night hunting and other nighttime activities.

I also love way they designed iHood’s neck heating system that incorporates advanced technology to provide the perfect amount of warmth to your neck area helping to melt the stress and tensions away and ultimately promote a soothing sense of relaxation.

100% Machine Washable

iHood designed this jacket to be 100% machine washable as well which I love. Just make sure to disconnect the battery pack before washing and follow the instructions that come with the jacket.

How This Heated Jacket Works:

The iHood Women’s All-Weather Heated Jacket is equipped with 3 independent switches that control heating zones and 1 light switch. You simply press the switch that corresponds to the area of the body you want the heat turned on for 3 seconds to turn on or off. Press once to switch among high, medium, or low heat levels. You can also always control which parts of the heated jacket needs more heat literally with the push of a button and as mentioned above you can also choose a light-off function if you do not want to be visible when wearing the jacket at night.

Features and Details

*ALL-AREA 3.0 Heating System

*3 Heating Areas Total 6 Heating Elements

*Waterproof and Wind-resistant

*Light-off Function

*100% Machine Washable

*Supports up to 158°F, the lowest gear (122°F-133°F)

So what do you think of the iHood Women’s All-Weather Heated Jacket? Is it not amazing!? Seriously, with this jacket you can experience the ultimate in warmth and unparalleled comfort no matter the season. Stay protected and cozy in the coldest and harshest of winter conditions with the Men’s or Women’s iHood Heated All-Weather Jacket! Makes the ultimate gift this holiday season for so many on your gift giving list too! Check them out today online and on social media and take advantage of the Black Friday Deals before their gone!


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