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My Savvy Review Of The NPET Cat Water Fountain

I am super excited to share my review with you all for the NPET 3L Cat Water Fountain! I just knew my cat Shadow would love this water fountain as he loves watching me pour fresh water into his water bowl and he always try to catch the water as I am pouring it into the bowl. Hence… this cool water fountain made for cats and dogs… is a huge hit and he is loving it. We are getting ready to move into our new home and this will be perfect for him once we get settled in. Let’s take a look at this cool fountain that is perfect for both cats and small dogs.

The NPET 3L Cat Water Fountain is a really cool idea and I just love that it filters and circulates the water with the high-density and high-content activated carbon filter that is matched with a high-density filter cotton to achieve multiple filtration. This filtration effectively maintains the water quality, increases oxygen content and protects the health of pets.

The large size 3L water capacity is another thing I love as it is perfect for not only cats but also dogs and other household pets. I also love that  the large capacity of this fountains means that there is no need to replenish your pets water frequently as the large style tank can store water for up to a week. This is also perfect for anyone that leaves their cat alone for a few days.. as they will have all of the water that they can need while you are away.  I also love that this fountain features different modes. There is a Waterfall Mode which is a wide waterfall flow that increases the water oxygen content. Then there is Fountain Mode which is a fresh spring water surge mode that lets your pet return to nature and then last but not least… my favorite mode is the Leaf Shape Mode which attracts your pets to drink more water and this is especially good for cats as they need lots of fresh water to avoid unitary tract infections and more.

The design concept of the NPET Waterfall Cat Fountain is another thing that I love as it provides full transparency…. meaning it is easy to see the water levels and the look of the water itself so that it is easy to know when to clean and change the water. It is a model design that is nice and sturdy and the set up was a breeze. I also have to stress that the unit is super quiet due to its ultra quiet and low consumption pump… you simply hear the sound of the running water… no pump noise at all.

You can also rest assured that the unit is made of finely polished PS resin material that is totally BPA free, non-toxic and odorless. The simple quick release design of the unit also makes it super easy to maintain and clean. Super cool right?

So what do you think of this cool Cat Watering Fountain from NPET? Are you a pet owner like myself and have a pet that can use something like this? Well look no further than NPET as they have the perfect size watering fountain for all of you furry family members needs. Check them out. online and on social media today!

For a limited time you can save 20% OFF your own NPET Cat Watering Fountain… simply use code MCUSHING7 at the checkout!


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