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Why should you stop wearing a sports watch all the time? 

Nowadays, there are still many people who do not know how to wear watches in a proper, situation-appropriate way. It even happens that you can spot an elegantly dressed woman or man in a suit wearing sports watches on their hands. So what is worth knowing about watches? And how to wear a watch properly, in an elegant and appropriate way? 

1)Why should you stop wearing sports watch all the time? 

2)What are dress watches? 

What watch styles are worth considering? And what types of models can be substituted for sport watches so that the accessories worn match the occasion? Let’s consider how to choose the right watch. 

Why should you stop wearing sports watch all the time? 

Sports watches are extremely popular and useful tools. Their capabilities go far beyond ordinary watches. They have capabilities such as measuring pulse, calculating calorie burn, activity dialing, sleep quality testing and much more. They are therefore worn not only by athletes who want to keep track of their progress as best they can. They are also eagerly chosen by people who simply want to be more aware of their bodies and track their health. Moreover, there are many types of these products, such as dive watches, for example. However, sporty models are not always a good option. Very often, especially in formal situations that require elegant clothing, they look inappropriate and spoil the whole effect. And this is where formal watches come in. 

What are dress watches? 

A dress watch is a type of watch that is designed to be worn in formal situations. These are exceptionally elegant and aesthetically pleasing products that, in addition to telling the time, are designed to look good and help create the image of a well-groomed gentleman with refined taste. In the past, men wore pocket watches – nowadays a discreet, sturdy leather strap watch is an essential part of any elegant businessman’s outfit. It is worth noting that elegant watches can fit not only with a suit, but also with more ordinary clothes, for example, for work. 

The right choice of watch for the situation is proof of good taste and can allow you to perfectly combine an outfit. When choosing a watch for casual wear, it is worth betting on elegant designer watches for men. Both fitted and oversized watches can look elegant – you just need to know which models to choose and what elements are worth paying special attention to. Watches with a black leather watch strap can be a great choice that will be versatile and perfect for both work and casual wear. 

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