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Career Options For Those That Want To Help Others

A job is much more than just a way to earn a living – it is a way of life for many people and something that forms a part of your identity. Altruistic types will always gravitate towards a career that will help them to make a positive difference to the world and help those that need it. There are many excellent career options for those that want to help others and make the world a better place which can also make it hard to know what path to take. This will depend on your own passions and interests but here are a few ideas to consider.

Registered Nurse

Healthcare is an obvious industry to consider and there are many excellent roles that will allow you to help and even save people each and every day. One of the best roles to consider is a registered nurse as you will provide both care and support to patients and their families and there are many different areas in which you could specialize in. People often say that the nurses are the glue that keeps a hospital running and it is easy to see why as they play such a key role.

911 Dispatcher

A 911 dispatcher has the very important role of answering 911 calls and directing emergency services as necessary. This means that you will be dealing with all kinds of different crisis every single day and you must know how to remain calm and provide support to those that need it.

Police Officer

Protecting and serving the general public is incredibly important and noble work. You get to help people and society as a whole when you are a policeman which makes it noble and important role but it can also be demanding, upsetting, stressful and often dangerous work so it is a career that is not for everyone.


As a physiotherapist, you will help those that are suffering from pain either due to injury, age or illness and find ways to alleviate these symptoms through exercise and therapies to help individuals to feel better. It can be highly rewarding work to help people to overcome pain which has been holding them back and you get to work with a wide range of people each day.


You can become a Colorado elopement photographer and take amazing pictures of people to create memories that last a lifetime. Ts is perfect for those that love taking pictures as you can make a living of of taking pictures for weddings, birthdays, parties, newborns and so much more. Perfect for celebrating and remembering those life moments that are extra special.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer works closely with their clients to help them to achieve their health and fitness goals, whether this is losing weight, bulking up, training for a marathon or any other type of goal. Helping people to achieve their fitness goals can be incredibly rewarding and you get to work closely with people and help them to make positive changes in their life.


There are few roles more important than a lawyer as you will be advocating for your clients’ legal rights and protections which will give you the opportunity to protect and make a positive difference to people’s lives. This will involve researching, drawing up legal documents and presenting arguments in court to uncover the truth.


A paralegal is also a good option as this involves many of the key clerical duties in resolving legal cases, such as interviewing witnesses, preparing briefs, reviewing transcripts and much more. This can make a big difference to people’s lives and the work can be both interesting and varied.


There are few roles more rewarding and noble as a teacher as you get to make such a big impact on the lives of today’s youth and prepare them for adulthood. Providing education is the obvious primary role but you will be doing much more than this as you are helping youngsters to find their way and helping them to overcome difficulties that they might be having.

School Counselor

Leading on from this, if you are more interested in the side of providing support and guidance to kids then a school counselor could be a better option for you. This role does not involve teaching but instead is about providing support, academic advice and career guidance for students. It will often involve working with students that are having personal or social difficulties so it is highly important work.

Social Worker

Social workers help those that have social and interpersonal difficulties to lead a better life by providing support and finding solutions to the difficulties that they are experiencing. This is a highly important role and one which can be upsetting and difficult at times but also incredibly rewarding when you get to make such a positive difference to people’s lives. Like many of the careers so far in this list, you will need the right education in place to take on the job. Applying for a social work online degree which will give you the qualification that you need to find work in this industry and develop the necessary skills to succeed.


Mental health problems are on the rise around the world which means that psychiatrists will be heavily in demand for the foreseeable future. This incredibly important role involves helping those suffering with mental health difficulties to lead better lives by addressing their needs through talk therapy and/or medications. As you would expect, the work can be upsetting but you also get the help those that need it the most which can make it highly rewarding.

Home Health Aide

A home health aide provides care for seniors in a private residence or an assisted-living facility. This involves helping with routine care, administering medicine, helping with daily living activities, changing dressings, providing emotional support and much more. You get to make a big difference to people’s lives and help them to overcome difficulties which can provide great job satisfaction.

If you really want to make a difference to people’s live,  then these are a few of the best career options that you could consider. There is always a strong need for people in these roles and the nature of the work can provide great job satisfaction, although sometimes it can be upsetting as you may be dealing with vulnerable people and/or those going through a crisis. These are the type of roles which are more a way of life than simply a way to make a living but you are sure to love the feeling of helping those that need it.

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  • Sarh S

    These are all great options. They aren’t always rewarding jobs, but they need to be done and you need to be mentally strong to do them.