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The Wonderful Benefits Of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

There has been a huge resurgence of Jigsaw Puzzles in the past year due to the lockdowns and restrictions, as puzzles are the perfect way to pass the time, but did you know that there are also amazing benefits to using Jigsaw Puzzles? Well there are and the key is finding good jigsaw puzzles that are challenging to put together and the larger size of the puzzle the better. I have always loved Jigsaw Puzzles and have been doing them since I was a kid, so when I had the chance to work with Pixels… I jumped at the chance. Pixels carries lots of gorgeous products but I specifically love their new Jigsaw Puzzles as they are designed by independent artists from around the world and are truly unique gorgeous masterpieces that you will not find anywhere else.

Pixels carries a huge variety of Puzzles and there is truly the perfect puzzle to suit everyones tastes and style. The best part is the quality of Pixels Jigsaw Puzzles as their puzzles are made from premium 0.2″ thick paper stock and they are available in 2 different sizes: 18″ x 24″ which is 500 pieces and 20″ x 28″ which is 1,000 pieces. The individual puzzle pieces are unique shapes, and each puzzle comes with a puzzle box with the artwork printed on the top for safe storage when you are not puzzling.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles besides the fact that they are the perfect escape from all of the technology that invades out daily life… think screens, devices, and even the good old TV. They can be not only overwhelming but also bad for our mental and physical health. Below are some benefits of puzzling that may surprise you…..

1) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles exercise both the right and left sides of your brain at once? Well they do and your left brain is the logical side and works in a linear fashion while your right side is intuitive and creative. While you are working on the challenging puzzle… both sides of your brain are engaged which in turn is kind of like a mental workout that improves your problem-solving skills and even helps to improve your attention span.

2) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles can improve your visual-spatial reasoning? Well it does because when you actually put together the jigsaw puzzle, you have to look at the individual pieces and figure out where they will fit into in the big picture. If you do this regularly… you will improve your visual-spatial reasoning, which is important for things like driving a car, packing, using a map, learning and following dance moves, and more.

3) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles can improve your short term memory? Well they do this too and doing a puzzle will reinforce the connections between your brain cells, improves mental speed and it is an amazingly effective way at improving short term memory.

4) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles are also a great stress relieving and meditation tool? Well they are because focusing on one image for a long period of time can be a type of meditation. By sitting and enjoying the time of putting together the Jigsaw Puzzle, you are getting the same benefits as if you have just meditated. Meditation itself is a great way to melt away the stress of everyday life and you in tune develop a sense of peace and tranquility that will lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

5) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles are also a great way to bond the family? Well they are because you can Strat a puzzle together and keep it on a living room or dining room table and the whole family can participate, whenever they have a few minutes to sit and unwind and puzzle. You can all sit together too and work on it as a family unit. It is a great way to get the gang together, converse and bond. 

6) Did you know that Jigsaw Puzzles are also great for some alone time? Well they are as puzzling is perfect for people who want a quiet, solo break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it is a great way to take a break from today’s digital lifestyle.

So what do you think of the amazing benefits of Pixels Jigsaw Puzzles? Studies have shown that people who jigsaw and that do crossword puzzles, live longer and have less chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss or dementia. You want challenging puzzles, not children’s puzzles as you want to challenge yourself. Picking up a puzzle from Pixels will help with all of that and the best part is that they are unique puzzles unlike any you will find in a store PLUS they are designed by artists from around the world which makes the even more unique and the perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your gift giving list. Seriously… doing Jigsaw Puzzles is good for you mind, body and spirit so get to puzzling today and unplug from the world. Check out the line of Jigsaw Puzzles available at Pixels today and visit them on social media too!


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