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My Downton Abbey Viewing Party

My Downton Abbey Viewing Party

Calling all Downton Abbey fans with a simplistic viewing party complete with treats!

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that have been a huge fan of Downton Abbey for quite sometime. There is just something fabulous about watching the Crowely’s in all of their glory, especially my all time favorite character, Violet Crowley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. In anticipation of the movies release I recently rewatched all six seasons as it has been some time since I have seen them. I also hate to admit that I did not have the chance to see Downton Abbey while on the big screen which is why I was super excited to throw a simple but fun Downton Abbey DVD viewing party with my husband and our oldest daughter. We kept it simple with some of our favorite goodies all while wearing t-shirts sporting our favorite characters and quotes. 

Get Your Favorite Character T-Shirt Ready!

My daughter who just started college this year is a big Downton Abbey fan. We love watching it together as Downton Abbey is escapism at its finest. My daughter and I are history buffs and we always say that we can imagine living in the days of Downton Abbey with all of its glory and grandeur. My husband enjoys it as he loves the antics and sassiness that comes forth from the conversations involving Violet Crowley and you can see our love of all things Violet Crowley via the t-shirts worn above. My daughters and my favorite quote of Violet’s is “I never argue. I explain.” My husbands favorite quote of hers is “What is a week end?”. Our love of Downton is evident by our choice of T-shirts and honestly we were pumped to see all of our favorite characters back together again in this much anticipated DVD release!

Get Your Favorite Downton Abbey Goodies Ready To Snack On & Make Sure Everything Is Tidy And Clean!

For our Downton Abbey viewing party we threw together a simple gathering of some delicious scones, social biscuits, cookies, cups of tea and popcorn. They were the perfect accompaniments to our viewing party and everything was presented beautifully all while being incredibly delicious! 

Get Ready To Have A Blast & Make Sure To Take Lots Of Pictures To Capture Those Memories!

The film was amazing, just as we knew that it would be. We had a blast during our Downton Abbey viewing party and as much as I want to spill the movie details, you will have to see it for yourself. Just know that all of your favorite characters are back together on the big screen and the scenes, costumes and photography are stunning. The Downton Abbey DVD is available now at Walmart and Walmart.com so make sure you pick up a copy so that you can get your Downton Abbey on too as this movie is the perfect expansion from the series!

So what are you waiting for? Dom you love Downton Abbey as much as we do? Head to Walmart or Walmart.com today to pick up your own Downton Abbey DVD AND gift it to that Downton Abbey fan in your life as it makes the perfect gift and stocking stuffer!

The Downton Abbey DVD release was December 17th and now is the time to head over to Walmart or Walmart.com and purchase the new release of the Downton Abbey DVD today!
As always thank you for visiting Deliciously Savvy today & checking out my simple Downton Abbey DVD viewing party! Enjoy!


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