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Best Family-Friendly Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

            Are you looking for some fun activities for you and your family to do during your trip to Phoenix, Arizona? Look no more if you are having trouble making decisions because there are a number of fun things one can do. Before you judge that there is nothing to do in this desert-like land, think again. From museums, exciting attractions, to even learning history, make your trip to Arizona a fun experience to remember. In this article, you will learn about 8 fun family-friendly opportunities.

1)Experience the Butterfly World

            Butterfly World is a fun place to take the whole family. It’s a chance to spend a day with colorful butterflies flying all around you and learning different facts. The Butterfly World is considered to be one of the largest exhibits to talk about these flying insects in the US! Witness your child’s eyes glow as they let a butterfly land on their own nose. Visiting this wonderful place is a great experience.

2)Go for a Nice Swim

            You should know that Phoenix, Arizona is like a volcano year-round. Make sure that you have plenty of light clothing. It’s tough spending all your time outdoors, but when you can go for a swim. Don’t worry about trying to find a pool. Phoenix has pools everywhere you look! Go to the Hyatt Resort and slide down the 30-foot water slide! Take a trip to Wet n Wild Phoenix, one of the largest water parks there is in Phoenix. 

3)Take a Trip to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix

            The Children’s Museum is one of the best museums out of many in Phoenix. There is so much to do from an art studio, block building, and pretend grocery store. There is also an area dedicated to building a pillow fort! Families with kids of all ages, babies included are guaranteed to spend an entire day at the museum having some nice bonding time through activities. 

4)Visit the Phoenix Zoo

            Going to the zoo is always an exciting opportunity to see and learn about your favorite animals. Bear in mind that walking around the zoo under the hot sun will make you sweat, so the zoo provides families with a pool. Buy tickets in advance. The Phoenix Zoo tends to sell out fast. Buy them ahead, save money, and you may be offered to feed a giraffe on the spot!

5)Go Back in Time to the World of Dinosaurs at Pangea

            Are your children interested in digging up dinosaur bones? Pangea is the place for you and your kids to spend an afternoon. Pangea is an indoor dinosaur attraction where you can explore dinosaur fossils, go on a fossil dig, and even go on a dino ride. Tour guides are around to share historical facts about dinosaurs. This is an exciting place to go for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t miss out.

6)Take the Family to Pioneer Living History Museum

            The Pioneer Living History Museum is located in North Phoenix. This museum features 90 acres of an old 1800s town (1863-1912), giving visitors a flavor of what live in the Wild West was like. Children will love people are costumed in clothing from the old wild west playing as a blacksmith, candlestick maker, and a cowboy! The family is in for a great time traveling back into the west.

7)Get Lost in the Mirror Maze

            Be careful which direction you go in the maze of mirrors. This is a great place for the whole family to test their skills and to find their way out of the Mirror Maze. It’s like a puzzle, except you have to figure out how to put the hallways together in a clear path, without bumping your head, that is. Want to know what makes it better? It’s a rainforest theme attraction to help cool down.

8)Spend an Exciting Day at Amazing Jakes Mesa

Amazing Jakes Mesa is filled to the brim with fun rides, laser tag, bowling, and an arcade with all the games you can play. Take the kids on rides and play some games. Anyone who is admitted before 8 pm gets a free unlimited buffet. Amazing James Mesa is an incredible experience for all.

ESTA Application

            Any person traveling to Phoenix, Arizona outside of the USA is required to have a valid passport and an ESTA application before traveling. If you are not certain about whether you need to fill out for an ESTA for Phoenix, Arizona get in contact with your authorities now. If you are not sure of your validity, check the government website to see what rules apply for your country. Fill out an ESTA online and you can get a 90-day visa waiver to authorize you and your family to travel to Phoenix, Arizona. Filling out an ESTA only takes 20 minutes. Make sure to have all the valid papers and ESTA approval numbers with you to be allowed on the plane.

ESTA Application Status

            Even after filling out an ESTA application, don’t automatically assume that everything has been completed. On some occasions, the ESTA could get banned for reasons that you overstayed the allowable amount of time that you are required to stay. Check your ESTA application status on your ESTA website to see that you have it before traveling. An ESTA check is used to determine whether or not you can travel to the USA or not. To check your status on whether or not you are still valid, get in contact with a government website to help you. While ESTA means that you have a right to travel, it does not give approval for entry. Fill out your application and answer all the required questions.

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    I have never visited there but want to. The Butterfly World sounds like something I would really enjoy. Great ideas!

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