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The Best Diabetic-Friendly Recipes and Alternatives

The Best Diabetic-Friendly Recipes and Alternatives

If you or a loved one is diabetic, you will know the struggle of counting carbohydrates, reading label after label on pre-packaged foods, and being able to eat the same thing as a family. As a diabetic, you do not have to be on a diabetic diet. There are many diabetic-friendly recipes out there that the whole family can enjoy, and they do not have to be complicated.

Roast Potatoes

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard for a diabetic, watching everyone over-eat when you must watch what you put in your mouth at every meal. Roast potatoes are often full of fat and carbohydrates, but this simple recipe is low-fat and tastes just as good for everyone. All you need is roasting potatoes, a garlic clove, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a vegetable stock cube. Your Thanksgiving needn’t be different to anyone else’s with these delicious roast potatoes.

Chili-Fried Potatoes

For a diabetic, cheesy chili-fries is a big no. If you love comfort food then these chili-fried potatoes are a great alternative. If you are wanting to create a fake fried flavor, olive oil should always be your go-to and a much healthier option. Using potatoes, chili powder, olive oil, and low-fat cheese, you can produce your own comfort food without the fear of affecting your diabetes.

Mexican Turkey Burgers

These are a great family favorite, as are many of the recipes found at They are very easy to prepare and a hit with children and adults alike. If you are a big fan of spice, you will love this burger topped with salsa, tortilla chips, and chili powder. The best thing about this recipe (and all the others on this sites) is that you do not have to work out how many grams of carbohydrates, fats, and other ingredients you have consumed, as they are already written at the bottom of each recipe, simple!

Using Alternatives

As seen in the recipes above, olive oil may be used in a lot of diabetic-friendly recipes as a substitute for deep frying foods. If there are a few recipes you enjoy making for you and your family, you may wish to use some substitutes to ensure you can keep your diabetes under control. Using fat-free plain yogurt instead of sour cream for dishes such as chili is an easy one, and you won’t even taste the difference. If you are a huge cheese fan, stick to low-fat cheese. When seasoning, use fresh herbs rather than pre-packaged seasonings, as these can be full of sodium. When making desserts, stick to whole-wheat flour rather than usual flour. These can make a difference in managing your diabetics without having to drastically change your diet.

Being diabetic does not have to completely control how you eat and you should not let it take over your eating habits. There are many diabetic-friendly recipes out there that everyone can enjoy whether diabetic or not, and making small substitutes can make a big difference.

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