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Why Should Seniors Consider Meal Delivery Services?

1. No more stressful grocery trips

Grocery shopping is a tiring event at any age, and anyone with knee problems will tell you how horrific those concrete floors are. Crowded parking lots and store aisles make most of us want to scream. Meal delivery service kits do the hard work for you by bringing everything you need right to your doorstep. This service goes beyond convenience in our current public health crisis; this could be potentially lifesaving for those at risk. Leaving the house is not as safe as it used to be, especially for our seniors. You can completely alleviate anxiety about mask-wearing and social distancing as well. Grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt offer a porch drop-off service to minimize person-to-person contact.

2. Dietary restrictions are no hassle

With so many options for delivery service kits, there is no shortage of special dietary accommodations, as well as personalized nutrition to support your specific needs. Blue ApronHelloFresh, and Green Chef are just a few of the popular brands that can accommodate any dietary needs. Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Ketogenic, and many more diets are included in these kits. Plenty of these online services supply only USDA certified organic food products as well. Perhaps your palate is so particular you don’t trust anyone else to cook for you. A grocery delivery service could be a great option, allowing you to choose every raw ingredient you want for your dish.

3. No more kitchen clean up

Bending down to load and unload that dishwasher can be very hard on your knees and back, and it only gets more complicated with age. Depending on which delivery service you choose, the amount of actual cooking can be little to none. This fact makes clean up a breeze! No mixing bowls or cutting boards to clean, no countertop mess to wipe down, just the dishes you used to eat will be left to clean. If you enjoy the art of cooking a meal, however plenty of services will send raw ingredients for you to chop and mix yourself. The online service Home Chef has a “Culinary Collection” for the more sophisticated palates, as well as a section for those of us who love to use the grill. Whatever your personal preferences, these meal delivery service kits are completely customizable.

4. Guaranteed to be a well-balanced meal

These services often have a team of nutritionists behind the scene to ensure customers get the best possible nutritional value out of their food. Sun Basket has a dietary plan for virtually everyone. There is a Lean & Clean meal plan for heart and cholesterol health, a Diabetes-Friendly meal plan, and so many more! As we age, the food we use to fuel our bodies becomes more important in our daily lives. The fuel we put in our bodies will determine how we feel physically from day to day. These services make feeling good everyday easy.

5. Less Stress on you and the family

A common issue among seniors is their family members’ anxiety about their health and well-being. Choosing an online food delivery service can alleviate the fear of kitchen accidents, exposure to illness, and ensure your friends and family that you get the nutrition you need.  This knowledge will allow you to spend more quality time with your loved ones, rather than listening to them always stressing over your needs. Meal kits could make your caregiver’s daily tasks more manageable or even eliminate the need for a caregiver all together.

6. Options in all price ranges

Food delivery services are not limited to the wealthy; most communities have multiple avenues for completely free. Local community centers and churches frequently hold food drives, have local gardens, and serve hot meals. Meals-on-Wheels is another great option for for anyone with financial difficulties. This organization has over 5,000 independently run programs in communities throughout the country that offer financial assistance options for seniors based on need. Typically, this is for people ages 60 or older, though this will vary in different areas. If you have the available resources, the online options for these delivery kits come in a wide range of price brackets. 

7. More time for what you love

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of these meal delivery service kits is the time it allows you to do what you love. If you love to cook, there are tons of options that will make it convenient and expand your knowledge of the craft. If cooking isn’t your thing, some options allow you to go and do whatever you want while your pre-portioned meal cooks for you. Meal kits can be a great way to take control of your life so you can live the way you want. You can have more time for your loved ones as well as for yourself.

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