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Bed Frames: Do They Need Replacing?

It probably doesn’t occur to many people that bed frames need to be replaced just as much as mattresses do. I mean, the thing is made of steel, so it doesn’t actually wear out.

Your bed frame affects your sleep length and quality just as much as your mattress does. They are not only meant to complete the bed decor and match with the rest of the house but should also provide your mattress with the support it needs in all the important places for you to get some good quality sleep. They get weak with time, which is probably why you will try a cannonball on your five-year-old bed only to sink in the middle.


Here are some signs that its time to get a new bed frame:

a) When the bed starts making creaking sounds

It’s almost as though people think that the groaning and the creaking bed is normal. Most of us get used to the sound, and in not time, we barely notice it. Well, it’s not normal.

If your bed is making those creaking sounds its because there’s a problem with the bed frame. It has weakened and can no longer handle your weight steadily. The metal rails supporting the entire structure and the mattress loosen and start shaking, which is the source of the sounds.

If this is the case, do not ignore it. The sounds will only get louder till your bed falls apart, quite literally. This is not a lubrication problem; it is a replacement problem.

b) The mattress sinks in the middle

This is a common problem with large beds, especially king size bed frames that don’t have middle support.

It doesn’t usually look problematic when the mattress is new and can support itself. This, however, does not last very long before it gives in to the pressure in the middle.

A good bed frame should have at least one rail running across the middle and supported with two others on opposite ends to the floor.

If your frame is made of wood, it the middle slat could be broken.

c) When the frame wood is damaged

Wooden bed frames start splitting and cracking after long periods of use. If the frame splits near the headboard, it could put your bed in danger of collapsing, which is quite dangerous if it happens with you on it. If you notice this with your bed frame, it may be time to switch it for something new. Even if you check out sites like or visit a store, you may be able to find the one that’ll meet your requirements and go with the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Smaller splits could also pull strings on the mattress cover and bedding and cause some severe damage.

More importantly, they are dangerous and could seriously injure anyone, especially when they are on baby changing tables and cribs.

d) Dysfunctional hardware

Sometimes the frame hardware attached to the headboard or footboard can break, twist, loosen or detach altogether. You could have it fixed, but it is not a good idea since it is very likely that it will fall apart again. This is especially the case with those that come permanently attached.

In conclusion, replacing your bed frame saves you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. Watch out for any of these signs and get your mattress a new frame.

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  • Debbie P

    The title got my attention. This is something most people don’t think about. Thanks for the article.

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