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Beard Maintenance Simplified With Products From Pete & Pedro @PeteAndPedro

Beard Maintenance

Let me ask you ladies…. Is there anything better than a freshly groomed & good smelling man!? I know for me there is nothing better which is why I am always on the hunt for most amazing grooming products to gift my husband and my secret is Pete & Pedro. I recently posted about the grooming products available at Pete & Pedro and I have to tell you that I am in love and even better… my husband is now a huge fan too. My husband has been working on growing his beard as I do love it once it grows in and the scratchy scruffiness turns soft. Now that his beard has grown in nicely…… he needs the perfect products to help him care for his beard which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Pete & Pedro to give their Beard Care products a try… but first let me tell you a bit about Pete & Pedro & why I love them….….

Beard Essentials

Pete & Pedro was started by YouTube sensation Aaron Marino and after years of building an audience with his down-to-earth, humorous, bold, and authentic videos on a whole slew of men’s topics from grooming to lifestyle to fitness, Aaron’s entrepreneurial eagerness consumed him. He was not happy at all with the styling products and aids he had been using for his dynamic hair and sought the sage advice of his world-renowned stylist Stephen Posta about starting a hair care line. After almost a year of development, grooming gold was struck and P&P was launched! Aaron has been on Shark Tank twice (once for Pete & Pedro!) and has been featured in countless publications and media from GQ to Inc.

Pete & Pedro

Now it is no secret to anyone that has tried that growing a beard is the easy part of the process and maintaining one is the not so easy part…. Unless you have the beard care products from Pete & Pedro. Pete and Pedro carries a fabulous selection of beard grooming products from their amazing beard oil, beard balms, and beard tools to keep your beard groomed perfectly and happy. Pete & Pedro even created the Stubble Buddy which makes cleaning up those beard clippings a breeze and this is something that I am loving and appreciating as my husband leaves my bathroom spic and span now after grooming his beautiful beard and that is something that I can truly appreciate. Pete & Pedro also carries a pre-shave oil that is great for detailing mustaches and goatees, too.

Now let’s take a look at my husbands favorite Beard Care products from Pete & Pedro:

Pete & Pedro’s Beard Balm Kit

Beard Balm Duo

Pete and Pedro’s Beard Balm Kit is the savvy way to stock up on beard balms for that special man in your life. Pete & Pedro offers this money-saving bundle of their all natural beard balms because once you try one of these beard balms….. you will for sure want the other. Pete & Pedro’s Beard Balms are made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients to help protect, style and condition your beard, mustache and/or goatee. The balms are packed with soft mango butter, beeswax, and soothing oils that help to provide a light to medium hold that moisturizes flaky hair and that also helps to tame fly-always and frizz. The best part….. it helps to soften those hairs so that when I go to kiss my husband… his beard is not scratchy and uncomfortable. That is something that I truly appreciate as I love the beard but not the scratchy scruff that usually comes with.

Beard Balm

With Pete & Pedro’s Beard Balm Kit you receive both Beard Balm fragrances… Rugged & Fresh. Rugged is a 100% natural beard balm with a sublime woodsy scent with classic hints of cedar, bergamot and tobacco and Fresh is a 100% natural beard balm that has a clean, masculine fragrance with notes of musk, mahogany and teak wood that smells fabulous. Both are fabulous scents that any guy will love and they are not too overbearing which I appreciate. Both balms condition, hydrate, style and tame beards perfectly and both provide benefits that condition and hydrate the beard to help eliminate the itchiness that beards are known for. Both are made right here in the USA and they contain no artificial dyes or fragrance and they are Paraben free.

Pete & Pedro’s Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Pete & Pedro’s Beard Oil is a must have and I personally love the scent on my man! This beard oil is a natural blend of beard loving oils that have been specifically formulated and blended to hydrate, smooth, soften and enhance the look and feel of your mans beard and/or facial hair. You can use this beard oil on your beard, mustache and even your goatee. This is a high quality grooming oil that will go a long way all the while keeping your guys beard in tip top shape… and and also smelling amazing! Scent is everything to me and I can assure you that every product I have received from Pete & Pedro smells amazing.

Beard Oil

Pete & Pedros beard oil absorbs quickly too which my husband is loving it. Their beard oil not only nourishes your beard but it also nourishes the skin underneath the beard… which is an area that is often neglected when a guy grows his beard out. This fabulous formulation eliminates beard flakes, scratchiness, and itchiness often associated with growing a beard and the best part… is the fabulous and fresh woodsy scent this beard oil leaves behind. To use, you simply add a few drops into clean hands…. Rub them together and then massage into your beard.

Pete & Pedro Stubble Buddy (New!)

Stubble Buddy

I am super excited to share a new product from Pete & Pedro and it is the Stubble Buddy. The Stubble Buddy is the game-changing beard and manscaping tool that everyone can use as it helps to keep your hair trimmings from creating a total mess after you trim your beard…. Or even sideburns, mustache, goatee, hair and anywhere you may trim or shave. This is a grooming tool that every man can use and it saves me from having a mess in the bathroom… so I love it too!

Stubble Buddy

The Stubble Buddy quietly vacuums beard hair and hair clippings in seconds, so there is no more beard mess or hair clippings in general left on the countertop. This makes cleaning up after a trim easier than ever and my husband and I love how well it cleans up the bathroom counter top afterwards. Definitely a timesaver and works great on a flat dry surface at vacuuming up those little clippings.

So what do you think of these fabulous products form Pete & Pedro? Do you have a special man in your life that you need the perfect gift for? Look no further than Pete & Pedro as they have all of the grooming tools and products needed to make sure that special man looks amazing and smells amazing PLUS who could not use a little self care and pampering? Check out my previous review to see my thoughts on many of their other self-care grooming products too and stop by to check out the Pete & Pedro website today and impress Dad or any special man in your life with those gifting skills!

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