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Bail Bonds 101

If you have been arrested for an offence and imprisoned you may be eligible for bail. Bail can work in several ways but usually it refers to the funds deposited by a defendant third party operator, such as a bail bond agent. This bail can be in the form of cash or secured bond, and represents security for the state against a failed appearance in court. 

Bail is not imposed on every criminal offense. Whether you have bail or not will depend on the severity of the offense and the discretionary of the judge. The bail amount can also be increased or decreased by the judge based on circumstances and the character of the defendant. If you do receive bail the chances are the court will ask for a significant sum. 

A bail bonds company or agent can be your best bet in these situations. After you have been arrested and the bail amount has been set, you can contact a bail bonds company  like Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. They will vouch for you to the court and put up the money for your freedom. In essence, a bail bonds company acts as an insurance policy for your appearance in court. 

The process of how a bail bond works is outlined in the infographic below. You will see how easy it is to set up when you are in custody. The majority of the paperwork can be completed online and payments can be taken remotely. Friends and family can even communicate with the company on your behalf.

mr nice guy bail bonds Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds


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