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Hard Truths Of Beauty & Youth Every Woman Needs To Know

Ignorance can only be bliss for so long. Eventually, you have to succumb and accept the truths of reality. This is certainly apparent when thinking about beauty and aging. You see, there are a few lies that we are tricked into believing about aging and beauty. The big one? We won’t actually age at all, It sounds crazy, but a lot of people think when they’re young that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be the one to break the mold. Like the most beautiful imagined version of a vampire, they’ll stay looking 22 forever. Of course, this isn’t true, and once you come to terms with that rather unpleasant truth, you have two options.

Fight to the bitter end against the signs of aging or just give in and let whatever happens to your body when you age happen. We think most people are going to choose the former option because no one is ever truly ready to grow old. The good news is that you can win this fight but to do so, you need to learn a few other key truths. This knowledge – believe it or not – is going to mean that you can look younger for longer and always retain your natural given beauty. Are you ready to get started?

You Are Not A Celebrity

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Unless Jennifer Lawrence happens to be reading this – hi Jen, loved you in Mother! – It’s probably safe to say that you my dear reader are not a celebrity. You’re probably not a member of the one percent, and you are definitely not living it up in Hollywood. If that’s the case, then there is one phrase that you should never utter again in your life: “If she can do it, I can too!” Particularly when referring specifically to a celebrity who seems to have turned back the clock on aging. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, despite what they may claim…. celebrities who look ten, twenty or thirty years younger are not using natural ways to stay young. They’re not just eating a healthy diet or exercising regularly. They have secret weapons and if you don’t believe this just look at the men of Hollywood. If they can turn Chris Pratt from a chubby dough boy into a muscle-clad hunk, they can do anything. And even if you don’t believe that…… even if you do believe them to be truthful when they said they lost all that weight naturally or that they’re just lucky with aging, there’s something else worth remembering. They have fitness experts, nutrition experts and indeed beauty experts to look amazing. Of course, they look thirty at fifty, some poor girl was applying makeup to their face and styling their hair for three to five hours!

Now that you have realized this let’s not look to the celebrities as inspiration. Instead, let’s forge our own path at beating the signs of age by realizing another truth…..

Nothing Natural In This World Lasts Forever

You might have picked up on the fact that we mentioned celebrities have ‘secret weapons’ when it comes to aging. They definitely do, they’re probably just not going to speak about them openly. After all, if those weapons are so good that they look naturally young – we’re looking at you Tom Cruise – why bother revealing the true secret?

You, on the other hand, do need to be aware of the truth because otherwise you’ll be eating right and exercising regularly as the wrinkles continue to spread across your face and that grey hair starts to sprout in unfriendly places.

That’s not to say that the natural methods aren’t important – they are! Various research shows that workouts and fitness does help to keep you looking young. Eating well and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet will give you the vitamins you need to keep your skin looking fresh. The problem is that ‘word’ help and also that the natural steps can’t work miracles.

Science, on the other hand, can. Take weight loss for instance. Anyone over the age of forty will tell you how difficult it can be to lose weight. It’s not just about working out anymore or even eating right. Even accomplishing both these things may not result in the desired effect. Cryolipolysis is another story entirely. Using this technique, researchers can actually kill fat cells through the skin. That means no scars and no broken tissue. Instead, once the cells are targeted, they die and leave the body in waste. In a few months, you will be lighter and more toned, regardless of how you live the rest of your life.

Or, how about those wrinkles? Can they really be solved by getting the right nutrients or using an organic facemask? Of course not and instead, you do need to consider the services of a top botox injector like YMD Eye & Face specialists. Botox really is one of the only treatments that can actually get rid of wrinkles in those problem areas like your eyes and around your lips. With botox, everything is tightened leading to less chance of the sagging or loss of elasticity that causes wrinkles. Doctors go through official Botox Training to make sure that they can do a proper job applying botox. This should hopefully put your mind at ease if you are thinking about getting botox. There are loads of places that you can use though, for example, you could check out this nyc botox treatment centre here to give you a better idea of what is on offer and what can be done to you.

You might be thinking right now that you know people who look young and who you are one hundred percent confident have not used any unnatural techniques. While there are some people who do look young well towards sixty, they’re one of the lucky few. So, you have to ask yourself one question:

You Need To Take Extra Care

When you’re young, you can afford to be a little careless. Oh dear, did you get sunburned yesterday? Not to worry in a couple of days that’s going to come out looking like beautiful bronze coloured skin. Did you gorge yourself on Ben & Jerry’s last night after a bad break up? A couple hours at the gym will work it off if it even has an impact on your body tomorrow! Of course, in these scenarios, we’re thinking about a girl in her late teens or early twenties. The puberty hormones have faded leaving a body behind that can take the hits from choccy and makeup on the skin.

When you get older things are a little different. You have to be more careful with things like exposure to the sun. Now, we hope that you’re already protecting your face from sun exposure but what about the rest of your skin. Don’t forget, it’s all at risk of getting burned, and you might think we’re worried about the health risk here. While this is certainly a concern, there’s also the issue of beauty. The more exposure to the sun your skin has, the quicker it will age. As such, it is important that you pay attention to more than just your face. The neck, for instance, is a common give away of someone’s true age even if their face looks flawless. As well as developing wrinkles on your neck, as you age your skin begins to lose its elasticity and may begin to sag in certain areas. This is where a neck lift in New Orleans or wherever your nearest reputable cosmetic surgeon is based, comes in very handy; they can eradicate this common problem that older women experience, leaving you looking youthful again. There is plenty you can do yourself too, for example, make sure you are wearing sunscreen on your neck and other areas like the back of your hands.

It’s not the only area where you’re going to have to pay more attention as you age. Your hair needs more care too. When you’re young, your hair can take a few beatings with a couple hundred accidental burns with the straighteners. But when you get older? Not so much. You’ll notice your hair looks thinner and it may even fall out more easily. As for the color, it will have lost its natural shine. Some people get around this by using a clarifying shampoo to try and add some shine to their hair, whilst also removing any excess oils. However, there are many other ways you can revive your hair. Another trick you can use to keep your hair in good health is through using heat protectant when straightening your hair and to avoid dying it completely. Even if you do see a grey hair, trust that dying it will only make matters worse, causing it to age faster.

You Should Fear The Boogeyman!

Not literally, of course. But every woman will know the horror of going to bed looking like a princess and waking up looking like a monster. It could be a pimple that has sprouted up on your nose the size of mount Vesuvius or a weird patch of eczema. Either way, you’re left wondering how this could have happened. Well, people do move around a lot in their sleep, rubbing their face against the pillow, the sheets and the duvet. You might even find that you are constantly touching your face in your sleep.

For this reason, you should make sure that your sheets are always cleaned regularly and that you do check that you aren’t allergic to anything in the detergent that you’re using. Aside from this, you may want to consider taking the advice of *deep breath* the Kardashians. Love them or loathe them, those girls know a thing or two about beauty. One swears by sleeping on a silk pillow to protect her skin, and it’s not a bad idea at all. It will be far gentler on your face and could avoid those painful morning glances in the mirror.

We hope you take these truths to heart because they could be the secret to eternal youth. Okay, perhaps not eternal, but definitely the secret to looking younger for a darn sight longer than most!