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Learning About the Solar System in a Fun Way 

Most subjects that are covered in school can be taught in a way that is fun and interactive for students. That means that if you decide to learn from home, there are a lot of ways to keep your children engaged with the curriculum. Children are already fascinated with space, so teaching them about the solar system can be a great opportunity to have fun with your kids. Without spending a lot of money and using things you can find around your home, you can have a day full of educational fun. If you need a list of solar system projects for home or school, we have got you covered. 

Balloon Solar System

You can find a bag of non-helium balloons at the dollar store if you do not already have some birthday party stragglers hanging around your house. If you want to make a solar system to scale, this is not the project for you. However, you can use the variety of color and size to make a cute model of the solar system of the planets. Kids can color the balloon planets to make them look textured, add rings, name them and place them in the order they belong in. 

Fruit Solar System

If you have a variety of round shaped fruit at your house, you already have everything you need for this project. If you want your children to learn about the true size difference between the planets, then you need fruit ranging in size from a large watermelon to a tiny blueberry. If you do this at home you could make a grocery store outing to purchase or exam the fruits. If you are doing this with a classroom, you can assign each child to bring a specific size fruit. Whether you do this project at home or in a classroom, enjoying the fruit afterward is always a plus. 

Nature Solar System

A nature walk is a great way to get out, enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, and search for interesting items naturally found on the earth that could resemble the size, shape or color of the planets in the solar system. On the nature walk you could also search for things that might be found on other planets, or talk about why some life forms would not be found on certain planets. 

Sporty Solar System

Recreational balls of all different sizes are perfect for representing the planets. From a basketball to softball, and down to a golf ball, there are balls large and small. As far as we know, all of the planets in the solar system are fairly round, so balls are a great way to display space in a fun way that kids can relate to. If you are at school, you could head on down to the gym and probably find a bunch of these in the closet already. 

Solar System Projects

All of these ideas revolve around the size of the planets in the solar system. There are so many other concepts to learn and study about involving space and the galaxy. Consider doing a project related to distance between planets, life on planets, etc. This will give a more in-depth understanding of the purpose and function of each planet and what makes our planet, earth, so special.

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