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Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Those Who Don’t Really Like Gifts

The season is approaching and a lot of us are starting to scratch our heads and get a little worried that we haven’t yet found the right gift for everyone. In particular, many of us have that one person who makes things extra hard not exactly being the most gift-loving type in our lives. However, if you still want to show them that you’re thinking of them, there are a few ways to do it.

Let them treat themselves

In some cases, a person might not like gifts very much simply because they tend not to get very good ones. If that’s the case, then helping them treat themselves with a gift of their own choosing might just be the right idea. A good gift card isn’t just a worthy pick when you have no idea what to get someone. It’s also really good for helping the picky and particular in your life see to their own needs.

Give the gift of an experience

Some people simply don’t like having a lot of physical objects and, as such, might not want to be gifted someone they may well consider to be adding to the clutter in their life. In those cases, there’s no reason to assume that a gift has to be something that they will keep. You can give them the gift of an experience, such as taking them to a meal out, tickets to a concert or show they might like to go to, or giving them a day away at a spa.

Donate in their name 

In other cases, people really don’t like receiving something that’s meant for them, specifically. Some people are just very humble and charitable, and not as comfortable with being gifted things. In that case, donating to a cause in their name, whether it’s helping the local poor or contributing to polio eradication across the world, could be the right way to say that you’re thinking of them. Of course, it’s a good idea to contribute to a cause that has some meaning to the person that you’re gifting. You’re doing some good, either way, it’s just nice when it has some additional relevance to your loved one.

Consider something homemade

Maybe your loved one doesn’t like the idea of money being spent on them, first and foremost. If that’s the case, then you should consider something that you can make yourself. A DIY gift should still have some practicality, sentimentality, or use beyond the fact that you made it yourself. However, the fact that you did make it yourself is going to be a big part of the charm to them, as well. It shows that you took the time to not only think of something they might like, but to make one that’s wholly unique to them, too.

If someone adamantly doesn’t like gifts, to the point that it may upset them if you get them one, try to respect that. However, in many cases, it’s just about finding the right way to gift.

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